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    Jordandyckes Guest

    Cool PS Download Manager 3.82 - Major Update

    Hey, I'm back with a nice big update to PSN Download Manager 3.82!

    In this release I looked back at feedback, such as Web browsing crashing the proxy etc and many more bugs detected / reported by GrandpaHomer who made sure I fixed everything, but without his feedback and contribution I wouldn't of had much of an update to release other than the P2P function with tracker support.

    I'm going to film a nice new video for 3.82 as the current version displayed on YouTube is old and outdated by a mile, so when the PS Store is back online I'll film it and update this thread with it.

    Today it finally dawned upon on me, that a huge amount of users come from countries which speak; Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Japanese etc and I though wouldn't it be nice, if the main interface was displayed in there natural language? so I implemented support for 10 languages including English, this applies to some messages and the main interface; the login / logout explains it's self and the options are pretty easy to guess, or so I assume

    A big feature, available to our premium members is the new, P2P cloud structure aimed for those who find Sony's servers alone just can't reach speeds of over 10Mbps; this will use apache to transfer data between users, linked by a tracker which you can access for only 1.00 a month this covers the cost of our server hosting etc, time to maintain our software and create your accounts

    Here is the list of changes, which have been made

    Changes from 3.80 -> 3.82
    1) Support added for web browsing, some image glitchs (Fixed by disabling .PNG cache)
    2) TV on demand is now working (Excluding BBC iPlayer - Unknown reason, BBC's fault. )
    3) Support for premium member login / logout
    4) Displays active seeder count
    5) New P2P cloud structure for premium members
    6) Features UPnP automatic port forwarding
    7) Proxy no longer crashes when launch web / folding at home ([email protected] won't load work loads still)
    8) Several stability changes
    9) Intelligent Tracker system, with automatic IP control
    10) Integrated Apache server for http file sharing
    11) New toolbar at the top, for easy to find controls.
    12) Youtube can now be watched via the browser
    13) (New Models) Sony Bravia TV's can connect via the proxy for most services
    14) Playstation Portable support has been confirmed (Tried on my PSP)
    15) Designed to work with the NGP from Sony (PSN should work the same, in theory.)
    16) Added support for 10 languages (Including English)
    You can download it now, via our Web site at http://adf.ly/1UUdZ - This link helps, support my work by funding, bricked consoles, web hosting and development time

    P.S Only bricked one console, by powering off during update by mistake but it happens from time to time...

    I hope you enjoy our product, and in return we'll keep on working away to ensure it's never broken and will always work on the PSN no matter how many firmware releases there are (with the exception Sony block our methods, or remove proxy support; which would be their loss not mine.)

    Best Regards,
    Pixolia Solutions
    (Jordan Dyckes)

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Promoted to the main page now, and +Rep for the news Jordandyckes!

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi, just an update 3.83 has been released as a light weight patched to remove some features causing a massive performance issue

    These functions are changes 3 to 6 as indicated in the change log for 3.82, you should no longer experience freezing etc.

    Best Regards,
    Pixolia Solutions

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    Jordandyckes Guest

    PS Download Manager 3.87 - Important Update

    Hi, I've noticed some sites not linking to my site and misleading people into downloading old versions such as 3.82 containing various bugs, and seems very few sites clearly stated that 3.83 is released which resulted in a decline of users, due to the bugs present.

    All I ask is, if possible when publishing a copy of this article or rewriting it for your site please please make sure you use the link provided rather than uploading it as an attachment on your site, if it's not possible then attach the file but make sure there is a link saying something like "Get the latest version, here" I'd be ever so grateful for this being acknowledged.

    Now with that little speech out of the way, here is what version 3.87 has to offer:

    Download: PS Download Manager 3.87

    1) A few minor changes to the core, increasing responsiveness and should fix crashing or not starting up for many users. (Important part of this update)

    2) Reduced size of the file, from 636KB to 488KB removed some old files which are no longer used.

    3) Reverted the cache folder to it's original of Downloads rather than Shared. (You can now change this without breaking features of the application)

    I urge anyone who's used versions prior to this, for a fresh install in a new location on your hard drive so the settings are reset to default values, you may however copy / move your downloads folder in with the new version and it should remain functional.

    Now hurry up, and download it! The playstation store is due to return within the next 24 hours for Europe and America with a nice big Welcome Back pack, expect the PSN to be slow so use my application to grab it at the full speed, please note users not using my application will most likely find there downloads going slower because of the users using PSN Download Manager lol

    Have fun, leeching your free content

    A little message, for my buddy PS3 News could this be put on the main page, as other websites have copied the article but not provided a link to the latest version as this happened when I released 3.82 followed by 3.83 to patch it but only 3.82 appeared on other sites misleading users into downloading a faulty version.

    Best Regards,
    Pixolia Solutions
    (Jordan Dyckes)

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Jordandyckes View Post
    A little message, for my buddy PS3 News could this be put on the main page, as other websites have copied the article but not provided a link to the latest version as this happened when I released 3.82 followed by 3.83 to patch it but only 3.82 appeared on other sites misleading users into downloading a faulty version.
    Done as requested HERE now and +Rep for the update Jordandyckes!

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    changlo Guest


    is there another place to download other than the messed up link posted. It won't work in Firefox, and wants you to fill our survey in IE..

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    For me it works in FireFox if you do the following:

    1) Open a new tab, stick this in it: http://adf.ly/1YvIz
    2) Wait 5 seconds, then click "Skip Ad"
    3) PSNDM.zip should then start to download

    Worth a try anyway..

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    changlo Guest
    Thank you, it worked But I did have to wait 5 seconds!!! lol j/k

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    Jordandyckes Guest

    PlayStation Download Manager - Major Outage


    I would like to make sure everyone is aware that the download manager isn't working due to an internal admin sabotaging the site and as he owns the domain I've got to restore from a backup on a new site and sort a lot of stuff out.

    So expect the software to not function correctly for the next 48 hours, I would post names but the majority of people will have the same thoughts as I and it isn't a good idea lol. A new build will be released upon completion of the transfer

    We're now on target for recover within the next 24 hours as our new domain has been registered and I'm now redirecting urls for existing users to resume partial service

    The redirect was unsuccessful at the current time due to lack of upstream on my connection, and may take several hours to upload the 65MB of data onto our server again

    This is here to keep anyone reading informed, about the current status of our software as you more than likely have pending downloads and you're finding you can't start the download manager. I do have a temporary fix, which is as follows (not the best, I know)

    1) Download a bandwidth monitor tool to check upstream / downstream
    2) start the PSN DM.exe ignore the 404 page and you should see any downloads by the downstream increasing

    The download manager will continue to function with the inability to access any controls. I'm really sorry and will get this fixed, I've already been awake 27 hours working on it Will update this thread, when services are back online.

    I've now restored partial site functionality and you the usage of the download manager should resume shortly a full patch to be issued soon. Sorry I'm so tired *the usage (I don't know where the word 'you' came from) lol

    The usage has finally been restored, I've now got to fix the subscription links for new customers and update the download manager for a new login system rather than the current system (It lags my home connection like mad everytime someone connects)

    The domain transfer is now complete and services should be fully restored the payment system will be fixed soon.

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    Jordandyckes Guest

    Cool PSN Download Manager 3.90 is Released with Updated Links

    Hi, after the events this weekend regarding a domain issue I've had to release a new build to patch several glitches with premium memberships and some server side work to fix the advert not closing after clicking skip. In 3.90 these are minor changes, but we're required:

    1) changed all server side links to pixolia.co.uk from pixolia.org. that's about it one small change to fix several issues...

    Download: PSN Download Manager 3.90

    Also I realised a few saying the advert got stuck, and in some / most cases people didn't click the skip button.

    The advert shown at the startup will never close until you've clicked on the skip button unlocked after 5 seconds, it may take slightly longer on single core computers so be patient (old single core computers cause the multithreading to hang for a minute or two, nothing I can do about that.)

    I've also reduced the number of advertisements on my website, I'm very disappointed by clicksor for allowing such issues to occur and have reported them to various sites about the risks they pose to consumer safety.

    Due to these issues, I recommend you either purchase an antivirus such as:

    Avast - http://adf.ly/1jtmh or download this free one from AVG - http://adf.ly/1jtl8

    If anyone notices a url on the new site which points to pixolia.org please contact me via the live support or e-mail the 'admin at our domain' or feel free to pm me, (this may take longer, as I only check once or twice every 24 hours) and e-mails are usually instant (unless I'm asleep) or live support, which is definitely the fastest way to contact us or the forums which can either be responded to by the community / or myself (which is checked once every 24 hours).

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused, and have taken measures to prevent this from occurring again (The domain issue and site sabotage )

    Best Regards,

    Pixolia Solutions LTD.

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