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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi, robe36.

    That would most likely be the cause of the problem, as it's not compatible with the client version due to a dependancy on a few dlls

    Hope it's too much trouble for you to install the full version,

    I hope this helps.

    And Hi, uklee and tommasi (Merged your question as one, hope you don't mind).

    I'm aware 3.62 may connect but it has bugs, patched by 3.71 and there shouldn't be really any reason it's not working unless you've not got the full version of .net?

    You may find your downloads corrupted, by the old versions however the latest release will allow you to download psn games from the store and they'll install (as long as you've paid for them) the psn has changed a lot since 3.62 was released and it may look suspicious on Sonys network if your using old connection methods etc and not there most up to date url's etc.

    I highly recommend you update to 3.71, for your own safety you should be able to find everything you need on this thread.

    >> Make sure you have .NET 4.0 Full (Not Client)
    >> Tried disabling Windows UAC
    >> Right click, run as admin.
    >> A fresh install to a path containing no spaces (BAD = C:\Users\Im Dave Hi\Look at this space\ | GOOD = C:\MyPSN\Yay.exe) some people are lucky and it works anyway.

    If it doesn't work still, can you post a copy of the error to see if it matches robe36's error? cheers that way I can locate the issue, or at least understand an exact cause.

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    jd200 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tommasi View Post
    does that mean we can download PSN games and install and they should work fine?
    no psn games wont be activated with this method, but if someone figers out how to set QA Flag on theses consoles like Mathieulh did then we should be able to get them working.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Rob if you click Start then right click on my computer and then move down to manage, then a window will pop up and you should see Event Viewer, there is your logs, in there it will tell you why its crashing.

    Also can you pop to a command prompt and type this.
    path >> c:\robpath.txt

    Then goto your c: drive and you should see a file called robpath.txt, then open it and past it here, if you like. if that helps so we can look and see if your paths are right. Just a thought.

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    Jordandyckes Guest

    Working on an online version, which doesn't need downloading.

    I'm working on a few fixes for my next build 3.72, due for release by Tuesday 4th May in time for the store when it comes online.

    I've potentially fixed the issue, rob was encountering and minor ram leaks due to a few static strings.

    We'll keep you all updated when it releases

    New version is on track, and all going well I'll release on Monday evening if it goes to plan.

    A delay for the release of 3.72, as we're skipping straight to 3.80 due to release very soon with these features:

    > Attempted to show error reasons for some problems like port already in use.
    > A new premium membership allowing access to distributed servers, perfect for those on 20Mbps connections who want
    to be able to actually receive the full 20Mbps
    > Premium members will not have the advert shown on start-up

    How will premium function?

    It will be based on a selection of packages giving you options such as:

    > 10GB for 2.85 a month
    > 20GB for 4.95 a month

    This is perfect to use when you find the Playstation Servers just aren't maxing out your connection, our servers can provide up to 100Mbps (Will scale on demand so your connection stays fast)

    All accounts are rolling contracts, you can cancel at anytime so please feel free to try our service when it launches hopefully
    in the next 24 hours in time for the recover of the playstation store

    We'll have more details on release.

    Just noticed an epic self fail "next build 3.72, due for release by Tuesday 4th May in time for the store when it comes online"

    I'm going to upload the new version prior to the store returning, so hopefully by 11am UK time

    That will allow time for us to active accounts etc only option 1) 10GB for 2.85 will be available due to hosting limits at the current time, not enough funding yet to expand.

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    robe36 Guest
    Jordandyckes - Tried the full install of .Net and it didn't work, same issue of error on launch.

    daveshooter - tried the path test from c:\...path >> c:\robpath.txt and get "Access is denied" error

    Ran the cmd prompt as admin and it worked. When I opened the robpath.txt file it contained - PATH=txt

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    Jordandyckes Guest

    PlayStation Download Manager 3.80

    Just another few updates to PSN Download Manager, prior to recovery of the PlayStation Store. Today, I've released version 3.80 containing some of the following changes:
    • Added a premium membership option, which offers access to a huge feature called Turbo Servers and also removes the advertisement shown on startup.
    • Several minor changes to the code in attempt to patch errors for some users

    Here is a quick guide to hosting your own Turbo Server:

    Create a FTP or HTTP server using a relevant program like apache or filezilla,

    1) Create a folder called DATA this will hold your shared files
    2) Make sure to copy the exact file structure of your Downloads folder
    3) For each file you want the clients to see, create a text document with the exact same filename, and add to the extension .ready (Include the word ready as text inside the file as well) | Example: 2782hsh7ggogpoyl.pkg would have a ready file of 2782hsh7ggogpoyl.pkg.ready

    And then share your link to the rest of the world, who can now access them files from your server.

    As for the clients to enjoy this feature, they just need to login as a premium member and add the server ip into there Servers.txt on a new line. (A small fee of 1.00 a month, to cover the cost of our main server and development time | Account sharing will not be tolerated and will result in blacklisting.)

    Other changes, include a few memory leaks patched, several points of potential hanging (freezing for a short period of time) have been patched and reduced chance of corrupt file upon exit.

    This file is downloadable via our site, through the links already provided including any old urls like http://playstationdm.zapto.org/ which will automatically forward you.

    My colleague and I will be around to maintain this on a weekly basis until updates are no longer required, but I'm not sure if any software really reaches perfection tbh

    Premium Membership accounts can be purchased via the my account tab, this will appear sometime within the next 24 hours on the website once our payment system is updated and accounts will be activated within 24 hours of payment. (Valid until subscription is cancelled)

    We hope many people will share some of their upstream, and make the Playstation Network a better place to be; something where it can compete against the download speeds of rival consoles and make it the choice for gaming once again.

    Have a good day,

    Pixolia Solutions,
    Jordan Dyckes.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    I have moved the update to the main page now as well and +Rep Jordandyckes!

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    ninjanutta2 Guest
    Is this going to cater for europe games as well as US?, i'm liking the app so far but don't want to have to grab just US games for the DLC. Apart from that its a great idea, hope it leads to more dlc getting made usable for people, i don't get why some dlc is hacked so to speak and others cant be ?

    we really need some xbox jtaggers to get with the ps3 scene to move things along. C4e is supposed to taking an interest which will be a great asset to us. Here's hoping.

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    Jordandyckes Guest

    Recruiting Beta Testers for Download Manager 3.82

    Hello, fellow members

    I'm looking for around 10 users to beta trial the new Playstation Download Manager which supports the following new features:

    > [Turbo Servers] P2P via FTP & Tracker (Also uses PSN Bandwidth as well)
    {Also in 3.80 without the automatic FTP, Tracker etc so basically server based}
    > Playstation Portable support
    > Anyone with a NGP would be great (Jks, I don't think anyones got there hands on it yet )

    What will you get in return?

    > A free lifetime subscription to the premium service, removing the advertisement and access to use the Turbo Servers feature.
    > Might even be able to arrange a free copy of our EnviroTek 2011 home automation system (Excluding accessory's, lol couldn't afford that as well)

    What do you need to do?

    Download some files from the PSN, via our program (I have working links :P even though the store is down) and see if the premium service works

    [We will schedule certain downloads, at different times to ensure there is a set group seeding.]

    Provide feedback, for any bugs etc like it didn't download via the turbo server, or my application crashed or download wouldn't finish.

    Windows XP or greater
    Administrator Privileges
    Basic Computer Knowledge
    A Playstation 3 or PSP console.
    Broadband Connection (You must have one already, your reading this!) lol

    Please e-mail me via my profile. [If you receive a reply, you have been chosen to participate otherwise you will not receive a reply, please allow 24 hours to find out]

    Thank you,

    Pixolia Solutions
    (Jordan Dyckes)

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I merged your new post in this thread and left it that if people want to contact you they can do so through your profile as we don't allow e-mails on the Forum.

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