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Thread: PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.57 with Major Improvements

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi, Rob

    I'm looking into the issue, have you tried placing it in a folder where the path has no spaces? I've got a feeling it causes issues locating files, that the program uses. A fresh install would be deleting the contents of the extracted zip, and re-extracting it again.

    Let me know if that works, cheers for being patient we'll get this solved eventually

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    uklee Guest
    try changing the compaitbilty mode to windows vista sp2, am on windows 7 64bit ran it this way also then try to run it. only prob i have is keep getting a maintenance thing

    try the store or am i been thick lol cos it wont work yet cos its not up ??? or am i doing something wrong get it to sign in with the proxy just the store keeps saying undergoing maintenance any help will be grateful people

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi, uklee.

    Cheers for providing a solution, I can confirm your using the proxy right and the actual Playstation Store is under maintenance still. Hope this clears that up for you.

    Have a good day,

    Jordan Dyckes (Pixolia Solutions)

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    robe36 Guest
    Hey Jordandyckes,

    I deleted the psdm dir and unzipped to f:\ and issue still there...of course it crashes and I didn't see if the error message is the same. I also tried uklee's comment and set the compatibility mode with both xp sp3 and vista sp2 but still didn't work. Had admin mode set on both xp and vista mode as well


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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi, I'm afraid that I'm unable to help you robe36 as this issue seems to only be affecting one person, to attempt to fix it could break it for everyone else.

    Can you clarify your using .NET 4.0 the full version or the client? cheers

    Sorry, I can't be of much more help other than to recommend a fresh install of windows.

    I would of tried to spent more time helping but our main key server is being ddos'ed by LOIC over 30 connections...

    Have a good day,

    Jordan Dyckes
    (Pixolia Solutions)

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    jd200 Guest
    yeh i used this app when it first came out to download all my 78 psn games. we need someone to make a tool that makes a new licence for them to work again i tried PKG and ELF Toolkit but it wont load the eboots from them or from the game folders that i ftpd them out of ps3 so they all need new licence now don't think the ylod has removed something from the files because they need new license now or make them into ones like the debug ones.

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    If anyones interest, we have a facebook page currently containing a poll on our download manager for the playstation network.

    We're interested in your feedback: (The playstation store will be hopefully online again soon)

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    uklee Guest
    ifound that the 3.71 didn't work mate but 3.62 worked the way i did it but psn down at the moment.

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    tommasi Guest
    does that mean we can download PSN games and install and they should work fine?

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    robe36 Guest
    I have the .Net 4 client installed

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