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    don't work for me i got the error 80029564 when i transfer the files and install. Can install one game but then the game transform in corrupted data

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    simply redownload the pkg file, it has nothing to do with your file intergrity, its main job is to transfer into the ps3

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    i'm running Win7 on a VM under mint. the proxy configuration fails. any ideas on how to map it to make it work ? thx

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    I have this error:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    With the previous issue I understand. The program works. But for some reason the console shakes updates are not using a proxy, but directly from the servers of Sony. Although the connection settings I set the address and port of the computer on which the proxy is running.

    P.S. I apologize for my English (Google translate)

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    redownload the file

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    pls i need help using it for ps vita so i won't need to download the update file for each vita i work on


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    yes i'm back again, any luck getting it to work with ps4?

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    is the 3.62 is the newer version of PSNDM?

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    I'm seeing a PSN Download Manager 3.97 and also a 4.10 (Final) from looking back through this ongoing thread as well.

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