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    leeHarvey Guest
    need help with this See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    When JIT debugging is enabled, any unhandled exception will be sent to the JIT debugger registered on the computer rather than be handled by this dialog box.

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    redamohammed Guest
    Thank you for this wonderful application i had a hard time download ps3 game updates with my 10mbps connection, now all thanks to this i can download with my full speed.


    by the way for anyone that doesn't know, this works on any type of ps3 as I myself have a non-jailbroken ps3 and i just installed heavy rain update so try it and I SWEAR you won't regret it...

    please help i seem to have a problem with it, everytime i start it it shows 2 errors, one .NET framework error and the other is this: "Unable to initialize the proxy / ftp server, check port not already in use or proxy.exe / server.exe process already running"

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi, I have some awesome news

    The Playstation Download Manager 4.00 Alpha will become an unlockable upgrade, as the final release has been delayed until the PS Vita has been released (Due to development to support this new PS Product).

    However I felt that people might enjoy some of the following features, to see what is coming:

    1) Firmware Update Blocker - Working on OFW 3.70+ with PSN access for up to 2 weeks.
    2) Automatic Updates for your games library - Selection isn't quite working, but downloads are.
    3) Futher enhanced the reliability and success start-up rates, for those having errors first time.

    Please note that this isn't the final product and it might have issues loading on some computers where as previous builds worked fine, as for those who can't get previous builds to work then this version should resolve that.

    So by now your asking yourself, How do I start to unlock alpha access?

    Simple, just follow these steps below to begin unlocking your access.

    1) Visit http://pixolia.co.uk/ and register | login
    2) Your IP address has been recorded, including the next two url's you visit (Tracking who earned access)
    3) Go to http://awards.t3.com/wishlist/public/JordanDyckes
    4) Vote for my Wishlist
    5) Thank you, once a 1000+ votes have been logged you'll receive an e-mail containing the download link to the Playstation Download Manager 4.00 Alpha.

    A big thank you to those who do vote for my wishlist, I always wanted a decent camera to pursue my interest in photography.

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    Jordandyckes Guest

    PSN Download Manager V4.00 - Status Update

    Dear Scene,

    Today I am here to report some unfortunate new's regarding my lifetime friend, Jordan Dyckes who passed away back in March this year due to heart related issue's not further aided by the stress he had undertaken in progressing towards operating a successful company.

    I'd also like to note that someone since his death has been using his Username, E-Mail and Business Name and in some instances his actual name as well. This is a disgusting act, and infringement of personal rights; however little can be done about this, but I'd like everyone to remember Jordan for who he was and not the person using his details to mark an appalling reputation upon him.

    Within my opinion, this could well be a previous customer of his whom was dissatisfied with the shut-down procedure of his company; they even tried starting a new hosting company with his details and deliberately sabotaged other companies by refusing to pay them and got horrible posts written about him; none of which he has actually committed since he passed away before this had happened.

    I have informed companies house and the company will be removed from the active register so nobody can abuse the details in the future and have filed requests with Google in my best efforts to clear his name for him.

    With all respect towards his enthusiasm & commitment in providing the best for everyone, always thinking about what other people needed; and sharing it with them for free.

    We always went on Holiday each year and spent most our Summer Holidays / Weekends together, making the most of our childhoods; on many occasions he'd offer and pay towards something I'd like, but couldn't afford and never once did he ask me for his money back.

    He was truly a friend who you could exchange secrets with and never worry about it, supportive and always gave the best advice to me when I needed it.

    So without due course, and without starting to ramble about my childhood with him; I'll proceed with the status of the Playstation Download Manager which he was never able to complete.

    I was left with some information, which has allowed me to login into his home computer and eventually locate the source code behind his most popular work: The playstation download manager and so forth have been working day and night this month on attempting to complete a compilation of the code.

    However I'm still bewildered by his extent of security taken to prevent others from modifying his work and so forth, I'm working on reactivating a security token which will allow part of the code to run without being downloaded from the official website (which ceases to exist anymore, originally due to funding issues).

    Once this has been completed I'm hoping to near a complete build, so version 4.00 can be run without advertisements, machine restrictions or download registration requirements etc.

    Please give myself another month, just in advanced and I should have a build ready for uploading; however I cannot promise all the functions will be working / completed as I am not a programmer and can only go by the documentation he has left on his computer.

    Cheers & Grace,

    Mr G Hill.

  5. #105
    Jordandyckes Guest

    Webpage Online


    I have posted a page online with the notice above, this will be where you can download the Playstation Download Manager once I have figured out what to do.

    jordandyckes.org.uk or jordandyckes.co.uk


    Mr G Hill.

  6. #106
    kavechick1 Guest
    can't wait.. wish i could get an email when its ready... i've been using your old version for a long time.Thanks for the good work.

    This site has been down for long.

    Really, all this wait for nothing??

  7. #107
    Jordandyckes Guest

    4.10 (Final)

    Hello Kavechick1,

    I must apologize for the delay, I had a really hard time getting the files to compile and have been busy studying at University.

    The website will no longer be maintained as it's no longer required to launch the download manager, I was able to strip the security features from the program such as IP Authentication which forced people to download from a specific url or the program wouldn't display an error saying 'Download from Official Site!'

    Version 4.10 (Version 4.00 was skipped as it was already made but never released, 4.10 contains several changes implemented by myself.)

    Here is a download link: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/pwPnF9E3ay/ / PSNDMv4.0_revB.zip

    Also allows me to track download counts, region etc to ensure, everybody knows about the new version.

    # Formerly known as Playstation Download Manager 3.97
    ## Written by Jordan Dyckes (Develio13) who passed away during last year.
    ### Officially released by myself (Garry Hill) with permission from the developer.

    Build Version: 4.10 (Final) - Should last the entire lifespan of PS3.

    1. Enabled Anti-Virus scanning features
    2. Firmware Blocking (Works for around 3 - 5 Days)
    3. View your games / updater (Automatic) - Might be broken.
    4. Uses settings.cfg instead of multi-files.
    5. Stripped away security protocols used to prevent downloads from other sites, resulting in faster loading times.
    6. Random web-browser pop-up removed, wasn't supposed to happen anyway.
    7. Improved connection scripts, more stable and slightly faster.
    8. Updated proxy coding, better connection between console and pc.
    9. Included some new file types
    10. Potentially fixed the scheduler (not sure)
    11. Reduced dependencies on other libraries.
    12. Disabled automatic update checker (for this program, G Hill.)
    13. Stripped redundant coding and resources.
    14. Improved the speed-limiter for more reliability.
    15. Multi-Threading and Memory management has been enhanced.
    16. Automatic Dual Proxy mode, for improved console stability.
    17. Identifies console updates and pre-downloads, ready for install. (Console must power-on first, should block the update first time; so you can play games online while waiting for the update.)
    18. Better segmentation management, to determine between ADSL or Cable - less chance of speed dwindling towards finish.
    19. Checked support for Windows 8 (Confirmed / G Hill)
    20. Now using pass-through in Dual-Proxy mode to allow iPlayer and Web Browsing (Notes indicate partially broken, not working as designed.)
    21. Changed name to P-SEN (G Hill, PSN no longer applies.)

    Special Features that remain:
    1. Support for over 10 languages, sorry for translation errors.
    2. Connection Optimizer (Adapts the download code, accordingly. Tested up to 50 Mbps)
    3. Speed Limiter
    4. Schedule Time for downloads
    5. Speed Monitor in bottom bar

    The setup instructions remain the same,

    1. Start the P-SEN.exe and allow through firewall
    2. Run Internal IP.bat and find your IP Address, preferable to set a static IP on your PC.
    3. Under network settings on your console, select custom and when asked for proxy select Yes / Enable then enter your IP Address and port 27 (unless changed in Settings.cfg)

    You'll need the following files:

    A) Windows Vista or newer.
    B) .NET 4.0 (Full)
    C) Java (Latest)

    Notice: This will be the last release, as I am unable to develop this program due to lack of knowledge in this area; however the progress made by Jordan should enable this application to continue functioning throughout the remaining lifespan on the PS3 and potentially the PS4 as well with a few tweaks such as File Types, though automatic updating would become broke due to the database only supporting PS3.

    I hope you enjoy this release, a ton of work went into producing it and a struggle by my silly-self to make necessary changes, compiling the certificates was a nightmare that took over 10 weeks to figure out; but it's done now...


    Mr. G Hill.

    # I was left the documents by Jordan to complete his work, this accounts details were stored as an encrypted text file; just to clarify that I have permission to use this account and how I gained access for the knowledge of others.

  8. #108
    zalantar Guest
    Has anyone else had any luck with getting version 4.10 working properly with official firmware 4.41? Can get it to download the package file to the computer, but when it comes to transferring it to the ps3, it will hand on the "Please wait" screen until the ps3 times out even though the file is fully downloaded on the computer.

    I have also tried version 3.62 of the download manager (I can't find any of the versions in between still available online). With v3.62, the transfer to the ps3 will start but is painfully slow and will eventually fail about halfway though. I'm running Windows 8 x64, .NET 4.5 full, and Java 7 update 21

  9. #109
    imranulferdoues Guest
    sorry to hear that buddy. My sympathies. May his soul be rest in peace. And thanks for updating the application.

  10. #110
    kavechick3 Guest
    just dropping by to say thanks again, this software has bseen a life saver, its working fine on 4.41, i can only pray it works on ps4, the game sizes might be crazy, is there a way to make pc to console transfer faster? its about 400mb per minute now...

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