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    Can this APP be used to Load a PKG file on a Legit PS3? Also since this APP speeds up download etc, can this help when it comes to hosting games? As in it will give better DwnL/UpL as well? or do games use the full capacity anyways...

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    Does not work for me, I put in the proxy and port and the ps3 fails the network connection test. Running latest firmware, latest version and Windows 7 with all updates, aAny help please?

    And no it cant load PKG files since sony has prevented them from being installed, it will just come up with an error.

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    PSN Download Manager 3.97 is Now Ad-Free with Improved Code

    Today I have released PSN Download Manager 3.97 which is now ad-free and features improved code among the changes outlined below.

    Download: PSN Download Manager 3.97 (Under products, PlayStation Download Manager or link on homepage)

    The PlayStation Download Manager 3.97 has been released with something you've all been wanting

    It no longer displays the annoying advert however for anyone copying this, please don't hotlink or post as attachments. Use the provided link as this help's fund web hosting and cover the cost of resource's like bandwidth which is costly in the UK (Rural Areas).

    The issue with the application not starting has also been resolved, and seemed to be people missing the latest, Java, .NET and IE.
    so make sure you've got the latest versions or follow the troubleshooting instructions; this should run better than older versions

    1) The advertisement shown on start-up has been removed
    2) The premium membership has been discontinued as it serves no purpose any more (It's ad free)
    3) Further improvement to the code as the premium account check has been removed
    4) Adjustments to the threading to prevent the application from freezing when checking for new versions (Very rare glitch)
    5) Definitely working on firmware 3.66 (Older PS Download Managers may not due to changes in the PSN)

    Have a good day,

    Jordan Dyckes
    (Pixolia Solutions LTD)

    PS: blazr, you need the latest version from our official site linked above.. and it can install PKG file's without any errors

    PSN Download Manager 3.97 is Now Ad-Free with Improved Code

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I have now promoted the 3.97 update to the main page and +Rep Jordandyckes for the news.

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    When i try to connect my ps3 to the new wireless ip and port, it wont let me sign in to psn. also i tried to do a test connection and it failed on internet connection. any help?

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    Thanks for the heads up Jordan, i will try this in the mourning and i will report back with my findings, about the PKG misunderstanding i meant it will not install unretail, ie homebrew signed, PKGs, only retail ones obtained from the store.

    sorry to bother but one more question, to game share my dlc do i, copy the file and download log to my friends pc and his psn dm, sign in there then click it to transfer? Or is there an easier way of sending him my link?

    Cheers, best wishes

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    Hi, Blazr. Just copy the folder containing the file, and paste in back into the download's folder on his pc. I would definitely get a portable hdd, if you do this regularly and run the program from the portable hdd. Have very slow Internet at home, so when I was at college I hooked up my hdd to a pc and used there 1Gbps connection.

    Hi, Aaronhiep. Is this a fresh install? or have you used the software before? might want to try clearing your cache as I was using the program today without any issues (Apart from forgetting to start the program itself)

    Best Regards,

    Pixolia Solutions.

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    Still Does not work. Enterted proxy n all, ran program, but signing in to psn fails and gives error code 80710092.

    Furthermore internet connection test fails on ps3 as well, with obtaining ip address succeeds.

    I have had this problem from day 1. any help?

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    I've just searched your error code on my Excel Doc, and it relate's back to an error I've also had before

    The error code: 80710092 was caused by incorrect proxy settings on the PS3 (IP Address / Port) I double checked by
    changing my console's IP Address to a random one and I got the same error code

    Did you run the Internal IP.bat? There maybe multiple network adapter's, also is the port on 27 (Default)?

    Best Regards,

    Pixolia Solutions LTD.

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    Yes, yes and yes. Used the ip on internal bat, i have even logged into my modem to check if the internal bat was correct and it was.

    There were only 2 systems online, pc and ps3. the port is on 27.

    still no luck,

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