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    PS3 Downgrade Tool v1.00 By Coolshrimp Modz is Now Available

    Today Coolshrimp Modz made available a PS3 Downgrade Tool v1.00 followed by some revisions below for those interested in downgrading your PlayStation 3 console.

    Download: Downgrade Tool (PS3) v1.00 Setup.exe / Downgrade Tool (PS3) v1.00 Setup.exe (Mirror) / Downgrade Tool (PS3) v1.01 Setup.exe / Downgrade Tool (PS3) v1.03 Setup.exe

    • Read, Write Support (NOR & NAND)
    • Offset & Address Support
    • Flash Teensy++ 2.0
    • Drivers and Necessary Programs
    • Install Images
    • NOR & Nand Support
    • CMD Line
    • CFW Downloads


    • First Release

    • Added Write Mode Options
    • Edited Some Text
    • Added Flow Reduilder
    • Added Diff Write
    • Bug Fix

    • Added Auto Updater
    • Updated to support 4.50 OFW
    • Added link Rogero 4.50 CFW
    • Right click (Patch nand without checking)

    • ModderFokker619

    Any Bugs Please Post In This Thread.

    PS3 Downgrade Tool v1.00 By Coolshrimp Modz is Now Available

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    link does not work, loads up an error page saying This web page has a redirect loop.

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    I added a mirror to the main article now alongside some revisions as well.

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    one question will this or will it not downgrade my ps3 super slim cech-4000 v4.50 to 3.55 and if it work will i be able to install my ps3 super slim with the rogero CFW v4.50?

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    Is a flasher still needed for this?

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    Hello.. Some of us wants to know the answer about downgrade question.

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    If the system cant be downgraded with out a hardware flasher then it still needs one. All this one does is allow for dumping with a hardware flasher. There is no different as far as models that can be downgraded. It is still the same.Thanks

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    ok i have a question i have a ps3 4.41 slim 2k do i need to downgraded to jailbreak it?

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    This looks good

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    Will this work for super slim update 4.50 ofw?

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