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    Quote Originally Posted by vulcan4d View Post
    wow sweet news. Hopefully this will work with the stubborn new preloaded 3.50 firmware that won't downgrade either.
    I hope that too. Got myself a Slim 160GB and a E3 Cardreader, before i noticed that i got a shitty CECH 2504a which isn't downgradeable atm

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    Quote Originally Posted by anulu82 View Post
    if i can downgrade to 3.41 and use JB, and when i want to play with GT5 (original) then i upgrade, that would be also awesome for me. and we all know that the utils on 3.41 are working.
    Yes this is a good and valid point but for people that are on 3.55 that don't have JB devices are awaiting a custom firmware for their version, I myself have 2 ps3's one for JB and one for PSN for online play.

    However i recently upgraded the HDD on my JB PS (PS3 SLIM released with fw 3.5 160gb now with 1tb hdd) and i use an original ps jailbreak dongle, ps jailbreak left the scene so im more or less screwed till my X3Max turns up in the mail which will be another 2 weeks living in AUS as i can not aquire the files to flash my current dongle to downgrade.

    So fingers crossed someone comes up with a cfw for 3.5+ soon. (TBH im sick of the power off power eject process for JB mode anyway. Sorry if my post sounds like a ramble to much rum tonight.

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    .. it was only a matter of time. Let's see if we can add more folks to the 'downgrade broke my bluray' group.

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    this i'm happy with. *clapping* so much potential

    Slightly more info on the subject. Also Mathieulh is a douche :S

    [15:57] < +anos> how kakaroto and xtse managed to downgrade?
    [15:57] < +Len> who’s Mathieulh?
    [15:57] < @Mathieulh> rehashed pup
    [15:57] < @dwrfcrank> Len: some wannabe
    [15:57] < +Len> lol
    [15:58] < +anos> yea but with only pup version it wasn’t working
    [15:58] < @KaKaRoTo> Mathieulh, more complicated than that
    [15:58] < +Len> he’s ok in my book icon wink KaKaRoTo Successfully Downgrade v3.55 PS3 Console To v3.41
    [15:58] < @KaKaRoTo> but it was mainly just luck

    [16:35] < +daVIDAvid> the downgrade is a brick/unbrick?
    [16:36] < @Matt_P> no.
    [16:36] < @Mathieulh> kakaroTo just overwrite the syscon eeprom with 001
    [16:36] < @Mathieulh> not even sony recovers from that xD

    [16:54] < @Mathieulh> kakaroTo there are at least 2 other ways to downgrade that I know of, dunno which one you use though
    [16:54] < @Mathieulh> geohot, find another ecdsa fail for us !!!
    [16:54] < @Mathieulh> lol
    [16:54] < @KaKaRoTo> Mathieulh, share that info and i’ll tell you if you got it
    [16:54] < @Mathieulh> it’s not yours
    [16:55] < @Mathieulh> I dunno how YOU do it, I just know I have ways to do it of my own
    [16:55] < @Mathieulh> which sadly imply using sony code in both but meh
    [16:55] < @KaKaRoTo>
    Last edited by BwE; 01-07-2011 at 07:34 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    Thats epic ! Really ! Good he test this before releasing ! Giant-Awesome News for me !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Link14 View Post
    Great news !

    But why working on a downgrade instead of working on a modified 3.55 firmware which also backup loaders ?

    I prefer wait for a cfw and I think I'm a not alone in this case.
    You're certainly not alone on that one.. But on the other hand there are people who accidentely upgraded... so they'll need it.

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    wow, so much news waking up... to think that I have to work...

    great news for those that need it.

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    Remember hes french attitude , give kakaroto some credit mathieulh... we know you are good too.

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    Damn... Is't getting better and better.

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    In 2011 everyday is PS3 day nuff said.


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