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    Just like (insert any other disc type) there are certain areas of the disk that contain data that a burner can not write to.

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    Just as a note, I was recently browsing the intranets when I came across a gallery of PS3 unrapping photos from way back when I noticed something strange, it seems the games sent with this unit are burnt on to Verbatim BD-R (25GB) I cannot tell if it is a test unit or a pre november launch retail unit, interesting none the less. Sorry if this has been said before.. (gallery)

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    Yeah - that unit is most likely either a DEH-H1000AS-E, or a DECHA00AS - basically its a TEST unit without the markings, the DEH is a prototype - going by the sticker on the box, that is most likely what it is!

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    so basically if we're not going to be able to run backups unless you can create a 1:1 duplicate of the disc. ive been looking into these

    to get a better idea of how bd technology works. replication & duplication are 2 different things, now i fully understand how deep the rabbit hole goes, lol

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    Mathieulh there is still something that is not clear. BD-ROM Mark is part of the official blu-ray specifications and could in theory be duplicated by commercial pirates with the right equipment (just like commercial pirates can duplicate a css protected dvd by copying the complete 2064 bytes sectors including the CPR_MAI bytes).

    All previous sony protections were based on some special physical properties of the discs which couldn't be replicated by normal commercial equipment (the special wobble used to encode the SCEx pattern on psx disc and a still secret method on the ps2 probably related to the T-length of the pits and lands).

    This special physical characteristics of the pressed discs were the real reason why third parties have been unable for a long time to make bootable discs for the ps2 (Datel opened the way and after some time a few other commercial entities in HK were able to press bootable ps2 discs).

    My original question in this thread was mainly: do BD games also have some special characteristics that differentiate them from normal blu-ray discs? I assume they do, otherwise commercial pirates with access to a blu-ray disc factory would be able to press clones of the original discs.

    Has this been tested in some way? I am not sure how someone could test this without having access to a blu-ray pressing factory to be honest, but still would like to know if some experiments have been done in this field.

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