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Thread: PS3 DEX Open BDEMU HDD Manager By FreePlay is Now Released

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    PS3 DEX Open BDEMU HDD Manager By FreePlay is Now Released

    Today PlayStation 3 developer FreePlay has released a PC homebrew application dubbed Open BDEMU HDD Manager which allows users to manage their PS3 DEX's Blu-ray emulator hard dive files.

    Download: PS3 Open BDEMU HDD Manager / PS3 Open BDEMU HDD Manager (Mirror) / PS3 Open BDEMU HDD Manager (Mirror #2) / PS3 Open BDEMU HDD Manager (Mirror #3) / PS3 Open BDEMU HDD Manager (Mirror #4)

    From the ReadMe File: Open BDEMU HDD Manager by FreePlay

    Want to manage your DEX's Blu-ray emulator hard dive, but hate that PS3Gen is missing essential features like increasing the number of game slots or dumping a game from a disk to a file? Worry no longer! The Open BDEMU HDD Manager is here for you!

    This tool duplicates PS3Gen's ability to manage your BDEMU HDD, but works faster and has some added features.
    • Dump an existing game to an EMU image file
    • Write EMU image files to disk
    • Erase game slots
    • Rename games
    • Set the default game
    • Add/remove game slots (with smart HDD size detection)

    Note that this program was whipped up and tested with just one PC and just one hard drive, so it may not be perfect! It absolutely WON'T screw up any hard drives that aren't BDEMU drives, though, so the worst that would happen is that you'd have to rewrite your games.


    Finally, in related news aldostools has made available a similar experimental tool dubbed BDEmuPartitionTool.exe with details below, as follows:

    Download: BDEmuPartitionTool.exe (Latest Version)

    It looks like FreePlay tool, but it doesn't use any part of his code. It's 100% written in VB5 and Windows API calls. FreePlay's job was inspiring.

    It's a tool to manage the size of the partitions of HDD formated for BDEMU, used by PS3 development consoles. It allows to create up to 255 partitions (if your HDD has the capacity)

    BdEmuPartitionTool.exe Changelog v1.2:
    • Inject/Save BDEMU file
    • Rename slot
    • More sizes
    • Lot of other minor changes

    BdEmuPartitionTool.exe Changelog v1.03.01:
    • Added option to resize BDEMU partition size (by default is created by ps3gen as 186.4GB, no matter the HDD size).
    • As the BDEmu partition is 186.4GB (4 * 46.6GiB), if you add games beyond the slot 3 they are not recognized.
    • So with the version 01.03.01, you can make the BDEmu use the entire HDD space or only the space used by the slots. The remaining space can be used for an additional partition (for instance NTFS or FAT32).

    Bug fixes:
    • The version 1.3 was limiting the size of the 1st slot.
    • The hex codes displayed changing the BDEMU partition size were wrong (although the proper bytes were written)

    From PatrickBatman:
    • .emu inject doesnt work ... i tried to inject a file anyway and it prompted to resize to that file size. However after that, the partition was resized to the emu size without emu file being on it.
    • So until you fix the inject emu problems, this could be used if emu file is already built in ps3gen. Inject the ps3gen built .emu onto the partition let it resize, then exit program and use ps3gen to write it to that partition.
    • I've since tested the above theory I made, it's a fact it works. So it resizes correctly (like I do in hex on hard drive) just the emu write/inject is broken.


    1. Format the HDD with ps3gen, then remove the slots 1, 2, 3. Then resize the slot 0 to the size that you wish and add the other slots.

    2. If you need to "Change Size" of a slot to a size larger than the original, first delete the slots that follow, change the size, then re-add the next slots.

    3. Do not "Change Size" to a size larger than the original slot size. You could end overwriting the first bytes of the next slot.

    BdEmuPartitionTool.exe Changelog v1.04.00:
    • Added option to remove all slots.
    • Improved the file injection.

    [imglink=|PS3 DEX Open BDEMU HDD Manager By FreePlay is Now Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 DEX Open BDEMU HDD Manager By FreePlay is Now Released][/imglink]
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    Tepoo Guest
    Exactly this is what i wanted to see! Great work.

    this tool in combination with a fake update exploit for dex consoles, and nobody need a custom firmware anymore!

    Comeoney Devs! we need Fakeupdates!

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Nice but I won't go to dex due that Bluray player won't work. I will stay with my CFW with most games and bluray player just fine for now. However, I will keep my eyes on it from now on. Good work, PS3news.

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    Mac OS X Switcher for PS3 BDEmu Drives By Marcocanc is Released

    Following up on the previous PS3 BDEmu applications, today Marcocanc has made available a Mac OS X Switcher v1.3 for PS3 BDEmu drives.

    Download: Mac OS X Switcher for PS3 BDEmu Drives v1.3

    To quote from his blog (linked above): Hi folks, today I’m releasing a tool which I wrote a long time ago. This tool allows you change the default slot of a BDEMU drive on Mac OS X. Unfortunately, as OS X 10.8 doesn’t allow raw HDD access to normal users anymore, you’ll have to launch it as root if you’re a 10.8 user (a tool that makes this very easy is available for free HERE).

    OS X versions below 10.8 aren’t affected by this problem. The names of the games will only show up in the drop-down menu if they were set as “memorandum” during the slot-creation process (or manually using a hex editor). In case the names weren’t set, the game-ID is going to be displayed instead. To connect to the HDD, you have to look up its name in the Disk Utility (e.g. if the disk is called disk3, the path is going to be /dev/disk3).

    For any questions or problem reports, leave a comment below or tweet me Marcocanc.

    Thanks to RichDevX for helping me code this application!

    [imglink=|Mac OS X Switcher for PS3 BDEmu Drives By Marcocanc is Released][/imglink]
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    k9inpoop Guest
    very nice to know that mac users are getting some dex programs thanks boss.

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    Zoddi Guest

    Assign part of ext. HDD for BDEMU

    I wanted to use my 1TB external hdd for my DEX system and didn't find a way only to use for example only 500gb for the bdemu and the other half for a normal ntfs file system.

    Is this actually possible or do i need to use the whole drive?

    thanks in advance

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    PS3EmuTool Alpha - PS3 DEX Image Manager for USB Drives Arrives

    Following up on the PS3 DEX Open BDEMU HDD Manager and Mac OS X Switcher for PS3 BDEmu Drives, today Mgenecke has released a PS3 DEX Image Manager for USB drives he calls PS3EMUTool Alpha along with some updates below.

    Download: PS3EmuTool Alpha / PS3EmuTool Build 121022-1233 / PS3EmuTool Build 121025-0139 / PS3EmuTool Build 121026-0144 / PS3EmuTool X2.00

    To quote: Hi, I have written a little program, that manages your Images on a DEX-Image-USB-Drive; It's on “Alpha”, means it can be better, but I think this program does it's work. Please read manual_en.txt. I hope it's useful.

    Today I release a tool for your PS3-BDEMU-Disk: .Net 4.0 and VC2010Redist have to be installed (I think, this is installed on the most PC's) and you have to run it as administrator. Try it, test it an reply.

    Update 121022-1233:
    • ProgressBar works;
    • Faster read/write speed;
    • Info, when operation is in progress and you want to close;

    Update 121025-0139:
    • Discnames were shown;
    • USB-Filter for Discnames;
    • Reload Discnames;
    • Ask, if you want to delete an image;
    • Argument "-noDiscNames";
    • Argument "-noAskDeleteImage";
    • "Insert Image" is disabled, if Slot is in use;
    • Delete last Slot can be used without selecting the last slot;
    • Elapsed time added;
    • Estatimed time added;
    • Transfer rate is shown;

    Update 121026-0144:
    • Corrected "Slot too small" Problem in Version 121025-0139

    PS3EmuTool X2.00

    Hi, today I release PS3EMUTOOL ALPHA X2. This is a simple app that manages DEX images on USB's.


    [imglink=|PS3EmuTool Alpha - PS3 DEX Image Manager for USB Drives Arrives][/imglink]
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    galaderom Guest
    nice !

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