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Thread: PS3 Dev Progress Update - Flowcharts and More!

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    CJPC Guest

    PS3 Dev Progress Update - Flowcharts and More!

    This is just a short post to let everyone know we're still alive. Its been a quiet summer, most people were off on vacation (or on holiday, for our friends across the pond), including many of our own PS3 Devs.

    However, the summer is over and we all went back to work in full force on the PS3, adding some new and very talented Devs along the way who will be helping out!

    For starters, our very own ggparallel spent the past month or so along with NDT testing countless edited PS3 Firmwares on the PS3, and has been able to drastically refine our knowledge of the PS3's bootup procedure.

    Below is a clear flowchart of the current theory of operation, the basic procedure is the same as we previously posted, that the system is booted in a "chain" so to speak. LV0 loads lv1ldr, which loads lv1.self (the Hypervisor).

    Then depending on the system to be booted, loads the proper Hypervisor policy and then loads the lv2loader for the GameOS. That in turn, loads the LV2 Kernel, which is also hash checked (so we can't change it, forgetting the fact that its encrypted too). From there, the rest of the system is brought up.

    Furthermore, we have still been digging through the flash dump of our Service Mode PS3 (more on this soon), and noticed that the bootloader 1 is quite different than the bootloader 1 of a Retail PS3, as well as other data that is in the wrong places on the Service Mode System.

    Finally, we have lots more exciting news, but only one hint for the moment. Any tests we did on the FW was limited to a certain size, due to ECC data that also needed to be changed. We found a way around this, but it was very slow and was a manual process - not very fun! However, the hint comes that now, it takes only a few minutes - look forward to updates soon! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Nice to see weekly PS3 Dev updates are back, and welcome aboard new PS3 Devs!

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    This is some awesome news.. hope we get more info soon.. gets me so excited :P

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    Starlight Guest
    Very nice news indeed and is well appreciated all the effort put into this ps3 dev work.. nice work!

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    Takavach Guest
    keep up the good work ... thanks

    did you check esmt 54 pin ?....
    i just want to know if there was any useful date (like firmware) inside the chip ?

    thanks advance...

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    ArtVandelae Guest
    Out of curiosity, where is the ROM for the LV0 loader located? This boot process sounds quite similar to the 360's and I'm curious if they are using the same technique of storing the base loader that checks the signature of and loads the rest of the HV code on a small amount of ROM on the CPU.

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    Becky Guest
    Nice to have everyone back. Hope that something will lead us to a success, soon.

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    xxLindenxx Guest

    this is great!

    this is great specially since i got my ps3 5 days ago so I'm looking forward to some good progress hopefully you godly devs will be able to hack the hardest (presuming since it hasen't been hacked yet) console out

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