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Thread: ps3 dev hw X ps3 retail hw

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    kez Guest

    ps3 dev hw X ps3 retail hw


    reading about ps3 retail to dev conversion, i'm thought that hw must be the same or like same...
    USA ps3 20gb and 60gb have ps2 hw and 40gb and 80gb doesn't have.

    has ps3 dev all ps2 hw like ps3 20gb/60gb?
    which version "ps3news gods" thinks that will be better for conversion?


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    The hardware is identical, only the software differs. It's being worked on, the guy who was doing the Retail-to-Debug flash ran into some issues which is what the PS3 Devs are working out now...

    Until they progress further, I'd say it's too early to speculate on which versions would work better, or at all though.

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    kez Guest
    Thanks for answer, sir PS3NEWS. I tried to find a picture from PS3 DEBUG motherboard and I couldn't. Has PS3 DEBUG EmotionEngine?

    Can you say me wich PS3 is being converted to debug(20/40/60/80GB)?

    Thanks again, sir!

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    CJPC Guest
    Depends on the model, we have seen a few 60gb units, and they all do. The units we are working on converting are 60gb units as well.

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    SniprSnake Guest
    well i dont think that there are 40GB style TEST ps3 models.... that new error code you guys get when installing debug fw "the data is corrupt" (8002F169) well i can get that error code too..

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    Some additional details would help... that doesn't appear to be a 40GB in the video, but for some reason you covered the Free Space (with tape?) so it's difficult to ascertain.

    The PS3 Devs are trying various detection bytes to see what effect they have, so that was the initial error code on the test done the day the Site News was posted. If you are simply trying to illustrate that you can make a "video" with the same error code spoofed the PS3 Devs received, that doesn't accomplish anything unfortunately.

    Without a lot more information, I don't think any of us know what you are trying to say exactly. Spend a few minutes re-thinking what you did to get the error, and then reply back HEHE

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    SniprSnake Guest
    im sorry if this sounds noobish but i have 2 PS3s a NTSC launch 20GB (came with talladaga nights bluray) at FW 2.30 (thats the one in the video) and another NTSC launch 60 GB at FW 1.10 in this video trying to donwgrade to 1.02...

    off topic but u should see this other bug i found

    im spoofing 2.40 FW... 2.40 doesnt exist... .if u watch the videos closely you should be able to figure out just how my exploit works........*tip* u ever see a update file download that fast before?

    my method......
    # US
    make a new txt file, name it "ps3-updatelist.txt" insert the text from the quote it (anywhere u want)
    start up ps3 proxy server, set it up with the ps3, go to the "Replace Files" tap,
    click "ADD"....
    in the left box put in
    then click the lil tab next to the right box, and browse to your edited ps3-updatelist.txt u made earlier.

    click "add" again
    in the left box put.....
    in the right box browse to the debug 2.15 PS3UPDAT.PUP

    now on the ps3 XMB go to "settings"/System Update......

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    Yah hehe, I figured that was what you were doing "SniperSnake"

    That sadly doesn't DO anything beyond what you showed in the videos. When I saw the other "downgrade" videos I realized they were the same as the PS3 Devs were laughing at a few days back on IRC. They were sourced from the Web site notorious for constantly posting fake videos and "exploits" for attention, everything from i.Load to ICE junk.

    Anyway, later today I will have CJPC reply with a detailed explaination for you of exactly why that method/trick/spoof/whatever you wish to call it (definitely NOT an exploit) is as worthless as hex-editing PAIN to change the screen text.

    On a happier note, you get an A for effort (if that makes you feel any better! )

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    SniprSnake Guest what im trying is swaping HDDs after the second check....i know it prob wont work and u have a detailed reason why but ill still try it is there another "snipersnake" on this board already? if not wanna change my S/N? go ahead if its available....

    ps... site wars are so lame, lets work together?

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    There actually is a snipersnake registered here since 2006 or I would... but ya, anything you want to experiment with is GREAT, so definitely don't take what I said above the wrong way.

    I guess the point I was trying to make is simply if you find things like what you posted above, it would be nice if you could share them here so that people like CJPC (and a few of the other PS3 Devs who actually post on the Forums) could reply with intelligent feedback on why something will/won't work, or if they feel you are heading in a good or bad direction with your projects.

    Of course post them there also, as it's just as nice to get 100 "cool... make a 17th video for me!!!!!!" sheep replies too I'm sure. Then you'll have the best of both worlds, and you can use the feedback and support to keep at it.

    As for the "site war" stuff, I think it's like that in everything these days... from consoles to Web hosting to dog breeders to just about any hobby or service I can think of online competition exists... and it always will, or we'd be a bunch of happy-go-lucky smurfs all singing "LA-LA-LALALALALA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA" and all holding hands dancing in a circle (scary image, but it's the best humerous although unrealistic utopian society I can come up with for now).

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