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    PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.72 Patch Update is Now Released

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    Today is a great day indeed for PlayStation 3 scene developers, and following up on the PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.70 Update from last month now comes the PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.72 patch update courtesy of ConsoleDev!

    Download: PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.72 Patch Update (10.93 MB)

    Similar to the 3.72 OFW Patch from the recently released PS3 3.72 (Retail) Firmware, it appears Sony is now offering compressed patch updates for PS3 Debug / Test console users.

    As always, it's important to note that these PS3 Debug / TEST updates will currently NOT install on a retail PS3, and so it is intended for examination and comparison purposes only unless you own a Dev unit.

    For those curious, running this updater on a retail PS3 will not damage it, however, it will give the following error before the installation completes: The data type is not supported. (8002F029)

    PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.72 Patch Update is Now Released

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    how come the debug patch/update 3.72 is only 10mb after being compressed? Shouldn't the patch update be named PS3PATCH.PUP instead of PS3UPDAT.PUP? Sounds weird.

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    I wonder if mixing of this will produce anything... Hmm...

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    3.72 mixing the firmware

    As I started getting an idea, I tried mixing in a little of the file between the 3.72 debug PATCH and the 3.72 OFW update (the full PUP). Now I found out that the patch has two more files that the actual update. File 10, and File 11. As I looked I came to conclusion that the vsh was within File 11.

    Here's the mix I made:

    File_5 (OFW)
    File_6 (OFW)
    File_7 (OFW)
    File_8 (OFW)
    File_9 (OFW)
    File_10 (Debug FW)
    File_11 (Debug FW)
    PUPHeader.bin (OFW)
    SDK_Version.bin (OFW)
    updater.self (OFW)

    Now the things that bother me are, are that File_9 and File_11 are the same size, and the updater and PUPHeader.

    I honestly don't know if there's any point in this, but i'm curious.

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    It is only 10 mb compressed, but if I uncompress it becomes 175.631 kb. Is it normal?

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    Not normal up to now for them, but it's padded basically.

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    It is padded with 00 values, only first 10 mb are real values, the rest of the 175 mb is empty. Is it a update patch for 3.70 or is it corrupt?

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    Unfortunately I do not own a PS3 Debug/Test Unit, for this reason cannot test these updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
    Is it a update patch for 3.70 or is it corrupt?
    It looks like we may have to wait and see if/when someone posts a complete PS3 3.72 Debug update... At first I was thinking patch update as well, but PS3 hacker eussNL states it isn't proper so perhaps corrupt indeed:

    Not proper (unpacking dev_flash_001.tar.aa.2011_09_14_050233 error):
    • unpacking update_files.tar (00000000_0a064000 bytes; hmac: FAIL)...
    • unpacking spkg_hdr.tar (00000000_00011800 bytes; hmac: FAIL)...
    • unpacking ps3swu2.self (00000000_00565760 bytes; hmac: FAIL)...

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Very interesting post Boss. It seems the CED Firmware provider fails, or Sony include something special here, to prevent that it got shared such easy.


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