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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    Well done, your prediction was correct. Can you also tell me the lottery numbers?
    sorry i was too late for you this Saturdays numbers, would you like Wednesdays ones instead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveshooter View Post
    sorry i was too late for you this Saturdays numbers, would you like Wednesdays ones instead?
    Do you even have to ask.

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    Lol i asked for that. haha.

    Enjoy the rest of you weekend bud.

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    i thought 3.60 had been hacked by people like math etc.. it just won't be released..

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    I do realize it maybe me, and I must be missing something somewhere, but what good are the keys to use anyway?

    Because if there is something that I'm missing, I would love someone to shout and let me know.


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    PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.66 Update is Now Available

    As a follow-up to our previous article, today ConsoleDev has made available PS3 Debug Firmware Update 3.66 for PlayStation 3 Test / Debug units.

    Download: PS3 Debug Firmware Update 3.66

    As always, it's important to note that these PS3 Debug / TEST updates will currently NOT install on a retail PS3, and so it is intended for examination and comparison purposes only unless you own a Dev unit.

    For those curious, running this updater on a retail PS3 will not damage it, however, it will give the following error before the installation completes: The data type is not supported. (8002F029)

    PS3 Debug / Test Firmware Update 3.66 is Now Available

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Thanks for the update bossman!

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    Is there any way to get just a file listing from the debug firmwares? I've been following the webkit browser updates, and there's been some question on how much of it is actually included with the firmware for apps like Hulu+ to use.

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    this is awesome.

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    It looks like we need the 3.55 debug firmware to remove the cinavia protection from 355cfw.


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