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  1. #21
    daveshooter Guest
    Anything over 3.55 Rebug, Debug or Retail = Game Over!

    3.56 and above is never going to be hacked, and never means forever. Sorry but its true.

  2. #22
    KerKid Guest
    there's no doubt about it that one day it will be hacked. Just like everything else that can't be hacked. It may just take some serious time.

  3. #23
    snowhill2 Guest
    there is nothing game over!! my ps3 test is still a test with all the features except the downgrading lower than 3.56!

    KerKid i'm sure you have right!!

  4. #24
    tragedy Guest
    It is possible to downgrade from 3.56 to 3.55 and from there to older firmwares. At the same time Sony released 3.60 debug, they also released a new version of 3.55 signed with the new keys.

  5. #25
    snowhill2 Guest
    with the debug 3.55 from here you become an error- have you another 3.55 tragedy?

  6. #26
    daveshooter Guest
    Tragedy, you say there is a way to downgrade from 3.56 to 3.55. Is this something you have done yourself? or read that someone has done this?

    Because as I understand this, its just not passable unless the master base firmware has been leaked or created giving you the option to install the original firmware that said unit was shipped with, then upgrade back up to any ver you like.

    The pups that we install are upgrades patches, hence the small size of only 180 megs ish, the full flash can be anything up to 250 odd megs in size depending on what unit it is, and it dose use some of the drive for storage, as you may or may not know.

    So if you wanted to downgrade from 3.56 to 3.55 you would have to reinstall right back from the beginning to replace what was removed and locked in 3.55 and 3.56 and above.

    Once you go past the 1st release of 3.55 it is game over, because home-brew will not work past 3.55 nor will blue rays on modded firmware. I believe that apples to debug and rebug as well, So backed up games is over if your over 3.55. Sad but true!

  7. #27
    HeyManHRU Guest
    This guy can see in the future, so you should believe him. (Sarcasm)

  8. #28
    IslaTurbine Guest
    The people in history who said "never" are rarely, if ever, remembered...

  9. #29
    daveshooter Guest
    Lol HeyMan did that rep from the boss go to your head? (Sarcasm)

    And if your referring to me "This guy can see in the future," then I do agree it dose seem that way going by some of my posts five month ago when I said how I thought some things will turn out. And they have.

    "The people in history who said "never" are rarely, if ever, remembered..." thats why people like me don't ever use their real name, and don't wish to be remembered.

    In fact in the 25 years of using the net or computers I have never used my real name or address. lol. so No I don't wish to be remembered. nor found. lol

  10. #30
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well done, your prediction was correct. Can you also tell me the lottery numbers?

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