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Thread: PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.50 - 3.60 Updates Leaked

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    Msgerrrr Guest
    Sorry for my English use google translator does not speak English, you can use this on CFW 4.30 R-DEX Rebug?

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    Sony PS3 Debug / Test (DEX) Firmware 4.41 Update Now Available

    Following up on the previous Sony PS3 Debug / Test leak, today the PlayStation 3 DEX Firmware 4.41 PUP has surfaced via Akela with details below.

    Download: Sony PS3 Debug / Test (DEX) Firmware 4.41 Update / Sony PS3 Debug / Test (DEX) Firmware 4.41 Update (Mirror)

    MD5 Hash: 62ac9ddd2659678e064ceb767dc9a729

    As previously reported, those with converted PS3 consoles should hold off installing this update as it will brick your system.

    From the included Readme_DECH-441_001_e.txt file:
    Contents of This Package
    :Update Data
    Changes in Release 441.001
    <System Software (GUI)>
    - The update data for debugging station has been updated at the same timing as the release of the
    system software 4.41. This update does not affect titles. Also, there is no change in the system 
    software GUI.
    [Known Issues/Restrictions]
    <Check menu in the Game column>
    - Validation of a media or the file system itself cannot be performed from the Check menu in the Game column.
    When submitting a master disc, make sure to verify the disc that no error is present using the Disc 
    Image Generator for PlayStation 3 or the Disc Image Checker for PlayStation 3.
    - When performing the check from the Check menu in the Game column, if the number of result files 
    exceeds approximately 80 to 100 depending on each check item, the file entries of the root directory 
    in the USB mass storage run out and the subsequent check result files may no longer be stored. In 
    such case, move the check result files to another directory.
    build:60354,20130419:[email protected]
    security:5058 @SEC urity/sdk_branches/release_441/trunk:
    system:49767 @SyS /sdk_branches/release_441/trunk:
    x3:[email protected]/branches/target441:
    paf:[email protected]/branches/target441:
    vsh:[email protected]/branches/target441:
    sys_jp:87 @SyS _jp/branches/target441:
    ps1emu:[email protected]/branches/target101/ps1:
    ps1netemu:[email protected]/branches/target440/ps1_net:
    ps1newemu:[email protected]/branches/target202/ps1_new:
    ps2emu:[email protected]/branches/target400/ps2:
    ps2gxemu:16862 @bran ches/target400/gx:
    ps2softemu:16770 @bran ches/soft190/soft:
    pspemu:[email protected]/branches/target440/psp:
    emerald:[email protected]:
    bdp:[email protected]:
    From haxxxen on how to manually add an RSOD bypass to any PS3 CFW:

    If you decrypt the 4.x basic_plugins.sprx, just search for: 409E002048000010 and replace with: 4800002048000010

    This is based on rogero's 4.x bypass patch and i have only searched for it to patch it myself to lower 4.x cfws. I dunno if it is related to rsod, but he also added some trophy patch. I am using both of them

    To patch np_trophy_util.sprx based on rogero, just search for: 419E00887B5E0020 and replace with: 480000887B5E0020

    Finally, from Sony PS3 hacker cyberskunk: It is legit.. MD5 matches the one we got about a month ago.. REX has been 'almost' ready for that long to but I have been very busy with other non-PS3 things. Wont be long though..

    Spoofers/Update Packages for 421-441 CEX/DEX/REX were finished earlier today but have not had a chance to get around to releasing them yet

    It's coming.. I have been really busy but as I type this the build that I hope to be the final for this release is installing now..

    [imglink=|Sony PS3 Debug / Test (DEX) Firmware 4.41 Update Now Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Brenza Guest
    weeee rex 4.41 is coming!!!

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    kaitokidH3M Guest
    can not wait for rex 4.41

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    Use this new thread for ongoing PS3 Debug / Test / DEX updates:

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