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    Ok I already got the game in English now....the texts that is, because there is no Audio right now ><' I have music and other sfx. But the characters don't talk.

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    They say thay FW from here is tested on reactpsn 2.0:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratboy112 View Post
    This didn't work for me. What did I do wrong? Is there another solution?
    This worked for me

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    Yeah in the end it did work. The game is in English now. But the characters don't talk. There are no voices in the game. All of the other sounds work (music etc.)

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    Fix voice and sub English Dishonored Bles version

    Fix voice and sub English Dishonored Bles version

    1. Prepare files from BLES01675 (IMSOMNI Release) and BLJM60520 (Caravan Release) (Here are the required files from Japanese release, so that you dont need to download the whole thing-

    The first link above contains all the BK_XXXXXX.INT files from the Japanese release, which are required in step 2 below

    2. On BLJM60520 game folder check the files with name BK_XXXXXXX.INT (Example BK_00AB4E1847DBF1E858701F89725B6303.INT)
    Copy all that files(Only with the name "BK_XXXXXXXX.INT", there's hundreds of them) to "BLES01675/P-S-3_GAME/USRDIR/DISHONOREDGAME/COOKEDPS3/"

    3. Also copy COALESCED_INT_FULL.BIN and COALESCED_INT.BIN from the Japanese version and put in the COOKEDPS3 folder of Insomni release (replacing original COALESCED_INT.BIN).

    4. Download this PS3TOC.TXT files:

    5. Replace PS3TOC.TXT files on "BLES01675/P-S-3_GAME/USRDIR/DISHONOREDGAME/" with PS3TOC.TXT you download from above link.
    6. On "BLES01675/P-S-3_GAME/USRDIR/DISHONOREDGAME/COOKEDPS3/" there's two files "COOKEDLANGUAGES" and "DEFAULTLANGUAGE", open that two files with HEX Editor/Notepad and change FRA to INT on each files. Save.
    7. Build the image PS3 game disc by using BLES01675 game folder.
    8. Finish. And before boot/play the game, make sure you delete Dishonored Game Data first.


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    Dude you ROCK!! I'm gonna try this out tomorrow. I'll let you know if it has worked. Thanks in advance!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX View Post
    They say thay FW from here is tested on reactpsn 2.0:
    You know we're talking about DEX firmware right?

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    Sorry to say, but it didn't work for me. The texts are in English, I have music but the characters still don't talk. Mouths are moving and everything but no sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaInEvIL View Post
    You know we're talking about DEX firmware right?
    wrong link

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    Dishonored BLES DEX Fix

    Don't know what I did different but Dishonored works!

    BLES01675 Dishonored English fix (less complex than JPN Dishonored caravan game merge)

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