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    this is great, thanks for the awesome news!

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    Ps3-test downgrade

    Hi, i have updated my ps3 test to 3.60- so the question is how can i downgrade to 3.41??

    greetings from austria

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    Do you mean that you have updated your PS3 Console to 3.60? If so there is no going back. There is no downgrade for any system above 3.55.

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    yes, i have updated to 3.60 debug firmware- are you sure that you can't downgrade a "ps3 test"?

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    Just put in the 3.41 firmware and install it, tests can do that.

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    yes, i know- but it only will downgrade from 3.60 to 3.56! in recovery mode it say put in a firmware up from 2.50 but every time i become an error??!!

    i hope anyone can help me!

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    Already bought a second PS3, it will be interesting to see where this goes though.

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    what model of debug you have, an old dechc-a/j or a new slim test? i think its a new slim, so my idea doesn't work for you, i had an old phat ps3 test, a dechca, i always had the possibility to downgrad to 1.0 and any other version. do you have downloaded the 2.5 update from this site, try this one.

    hope it helps you, would be sad to here that you can't downgrade anymore.

    same here, greets from austria

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    i have a DECHA00A- i think sony have blocked the downgrade from lower then 3.56 with the test unit! i hope i'm wrong.

    ps: here in the forum is nowhere a 2.50- only a 2.53?!

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    warning!! when you update to 3.60 on test ps3, you canīt downgrade to 3.55- you only can downgrade to 3.56!!

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