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    That is a PKG file? so you just install it like that and you get the whole game?

    More DEX fixes:

    From Minuz: BLES01711 XCOM.Enemy.Unknown: / (If you only got 8GB usb drive delete the lang. files in folders BLES01711-[XCOM Enemy Unknown] \PS3_GAME\USRDIR\XCOMGAME\COOKEDPS3 * "DEU , ESN , FRA , ITA , RUS") Works great.

    Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2013 DEX Fix

    BLES01709: / / / /
    BLES01710: / / / /

    Dishonored BLES01675 DEX FIX (maybe problems with sound)

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    Quote Originally Posted by romantizma View Post
    Resident Evil 6 PSN USA Fix
    Does it work from Internal?

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    The purchase screen pops up.. 4.21 DEX.

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    How did you make this fix patch ??

    Dishonored ON DEX

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    Why they make vids like that? If only they post a link to pkg.

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    I can confirm 1000% that persona 4 arena is running perfectly on 4.21 dex firmware. Tested with this dex 1.01 update .pkg i made myself on a kingston 32gb thumbdrive using Persona_4_Arena_PS3-CLANDESTiNE release.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MOST Hated View Post
    The purchase screen pops up.. 4.21 DEX.
    Same here.

    there's Sonic CD for DEX ( But I can't register to download. Can anyone else do that and peek a download link?

    Simpsons arcade also there (

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    PES 13 4.21 DEX

    Quote Originally Posted by daivyphuong View Post
    BLES01675-[Dishonored] for dex install and play
    Fra to ENG

    XCOM Enemy Unknown BLES01711

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    I tested Resident evil 6 PKG on Rebug 3.55.2 and it didn't work, and now when I try to change to DEX it doesnt let me! it takes me back to the home screen. what do you guys think it is?

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    try going back to 3.55 dex... then 4.21 dex and then try res evil 6. I think that 3.55 debug ofw is going to have to be done from 3.55.2

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