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Thread: PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.50 - 3.60 Updates Leaked

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    romantizma Guest

    NHL 13 DEX 4.21 Fix

    NHL 13 DEX 4.21 Fix

    Fix - BLES01691 :


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    welcom95 Guest
    Reup of SWAPMOD please

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    Apr 2005
    I have added a mirror link in the main article now for it.

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    romantizma Guest

    F1 2012 DEX 4.11 & 4.21 Fix

    F1 2012 DEX 4.11 & 4.21 Fix

    Fix :


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    Thanks again romantizma, I am continuing to add all the PS3 DEX fixes I run across to our main article and have added a section for yours there as well.

    If you ever would like to start your own thread for them let me know and I will give you special editing permissions so you can update the first post in it, etc or just continue posting them in this one.

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    cfwmark Guest
    xmb manager for 4.11 dex, never been tried:

    please tell me if if works

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    romantizma Guest

    Video: Resident Evil 6 PS3 Demo Fix Running on DEX 4.21 Arrives

    Below is a video of the Resident Evil 6 demo fix running on PS3 DEX Firmware 4.21, also tested on PS3 DEX Firmware 4.20 and PlayStation 3 DEX Firmware 4.11 and confirmed working fine on PS3 DEX converted consoles with a guide for those who missed it.

    Download: EP0001-BLES01465_00-0000111122223333-BYERCANX.pkg (10.38 MB) / Resident Evil 6 DEX 4.11 / 4.21 Fix (Mirror) / Resident Evil 6 DEX Fix by ZeitgeisterNL

    Instructions: Copy and paste code to notepad:
    Content-ID = EP0102-NPEB90464_00-XOVERDEMO0000001
    K_licensee = 0x00000000000000000000000000000000
    DRM_Type = Free
    Content_Type = GameExec
    PackageVersion = 01.00
    Use PSN_Package_NPDRM to create new PKG and then you can install it on PS3 DEX Firmware 4.21.

    Resident Evil 6 demo links:


    romantizma aka byercanx

    From Aleson comes a Resident Evil 6 PS3 Demo / Full Game EBOOT Fix, with details below:

    I got my hands in the Resident Evil 6 demo (NPUB90864), and I was wondering if the EBOOT that it contains can help understand and crack the full game eboot. I was wondering either if it can be cracked to 3.55 CEX. Anyways, I'll put the download link for the files here:


    (I've uploaded only the necessary files, because the files inside nativeps3 folder are basically arc files, none necessary to crack it.) Best regards!

    Finally, from butnut comes How to Play PS3 3.60 or Less Games from Internal on DEX 4.21, as follows:

    So I was on rogero dex 3.55 and I decrypted the eboot for haruhi suzumiya then I replaced every dev_bdvd\PS3_GAME with dev_hdd0\PS3_GAM0.

    Then I fselfed the eboot and transfered the newly renamed PS3_GAM0 folder to dev_hdd0. Then I updated to dex 4.21.

    From here you use MMos to launch the eboot. I suppose you could also copy the modded eboot and put it in a new folder then rename it and do the same for all your other games.

    One problem with this is the trophies did not install. If someone can get them to work then reply here please. I will keep trying too.

    [imglink=|Video: Resident Evil 6 PS3 Demo Fix Running on DEX 4.21 Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    fantopoulos Guest
    i am trying to convert my ps3 to 4.21 dex, i'm not to sure on how to do it.

    i am basically not sure what to download what ofw to put it at i got most of files i believe but a list of all files would be like xmas coming early i do not want to brick my unit, so would need and pay for expertise, cant find any electronic shops so any help in this matter either way would be so much help for me.

    thank you

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    kombat75 Guest


    How to check if our PS3 that we using are DEX OR CEX ??

    I confusing now...

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    romantizma Guest

    NBA 2K13 & Persona 4 Arena DEX 4.21 Fix

    NBA 2K13 - BLUS31028

    Persona 4 Arena - BLUS30985

    NOTE : Debug Settings - Console Region North USA


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