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    kombat75 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by penjejakawan View Post
    Can we play pes2012 backup without special bd? I mean from internal hdd. Thanks.
    Yes now you can play the PES2012 backup internal or external without special bd. The patch or eboot is out aready... go and try it as a lot people are trying now and feedback it working fine..

    I try and it work but only LANGUAGE do have problem as there is no ENGLISH OPTION.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Arrow Rebug 3.55.2 PS3UPDAT.PUP Modded for DEX To Allow ProDG Support

    For those following, I have updated the main article with another PS3 DEX Mod... this time from Sonic-Iso via IRC comes Rebug 3.55.2 PS3UPDAT.PUP Modded for DEX To Allow ProDG Support:

    Well here is something neat I decided to make for you dex users that includes REAL DEX and target 82 dex... run this bad boy and you now have PRODG support on your unit. Mods by Sonic-Iso. Greetz to Amber Lee (Ettinger). Without you babe I wouldn't even be inspired. And all greetz to my homies in the scene. Also this all only works on 3.55. kthnxbai. Just run a real debug PUP to go back to "normal".

    Greetz: Mathieulh TheFallen93 Xenon7 CMX DeathClutch KiwiDoggeh Sonic-Iso K3rn3l Huegel Carly360 Xorloser barubary redline m0md4d and anyone else I missed.

    All testing for this CFW was done on a E3 flasher. took me 10 minutes to install the thing and its plug and play!

    [Sonic-Iso] i added prodg support to rebug for T82 Math converts and real dechas
    [Sonic-Iso] if you have a DECH unit *real dev+ or a target 82 unit (fake dev) ir any other fake dev
    [Sonic-Iso] this will allow you to run rebug with all patches and allow prodg support
    [Sonic-Iso] if your not using c2d
    [Sonic-Iso] dont bother
    [Sonic-Iso] it'll prolly brix
    [Sonic-Iso] you have target 82 set?
    [Sonic-Iso] like cex 2 dex
    [KneelB4ZD] no
    [Sonic-Iso] yeah than DO NOT RUN THIS
    [Sonic-Iso] unless you got your eid root key
    [Sonic-Iso] and fkasged target ti 82

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    HadiOnly Guest

    Unhappy PS3 Black Screen on DEX 4.20

    Hi my friends, I was successfully on Dex 4.20, but today I went to Debug sittings & change "boot" to "debuge mode". I restarted my PS3 , it went on some IP's & like we were in games. I went to Recovery system & choose " Restore File system" , after that , the PS3 booted but it shows only black screen. I went to recovery mode again & chose every options , but PS3 still booted but only shows black screen.

    I also reinstall Dex 4.20 software , but nothing happens.

    Please help.

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    technodon Guest
    hold down the power button until the console beeps once and it should show up with display settings, once back inn the xmb change from debugger mode back to system software mode

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    HadiOnly Guest
    Thanks a lot my friend, You saved my ps3. Works like a charm.

    I am in dex 4.20, I was playing LBP2 & GOW3, when I was in the middle of the game , suddenly the game quit & return to XMB, they games have no problem. So I think it must be a problem with External HDD speed or something else ?

    I am successfully played PES 2012 for 2-3 hours but not those , only 10 minutes.

    What can I do now ? please help.

    Thanks a lot.

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    WTF Name Guest

    Having more than 4 Games on Dex Partition

    i don't know if it is new or not , but here you are: bbs.duowan.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=28352993

    according to the author lijijiji, using the WinHex (or just any hex editor) can increase the game numbers and partition numbers in the extended partition, in the later thread he reported, he has already installed up to 11 games right now.

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    Tepoo Guest
    its not new but not many people know about it. i personaly hope some devs are creating a tool for it to modify the system. because its easy hexbased modifying.

    people are saying its possible to increase it up to 10 games without problems.

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    antuss Guest
    a simpler way to get more than 4 games.. ps3gen v3.30, edit genelib.dll and change (hex values) the 04 at 5D979 to 50. 80 images at 25gb each equals 2000gb so that's enough. Then you format the hdd, the tool will fill it up with the max amount of image slots for you.

    Guide here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post421998

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    Portalcake Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by COLIN76 View Post
    hi, i have a ps3 60 gig which plays all playstation games. is it worth converting to dex or stay on 3.55 cfw?
    Everyone with the ability to do so, should switch to DEX, unless they like PSN. DEX firmware gives you lots and lots of fun stuff to play with, even if you aren't a dev. Being able to freely downgrade being a really nice reason. Being able to change O to X and vice versa being a close second.

    By the way, since we can convert CECH systems to DECH target IDs, has anyone tried using a DECR taget ID? I think the lack of a real HDD1 and CP and RAM size difference may be an issue.

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    Foo Guest
    Well I don't really know why but I felt like sharing the 100.002 eboot.rom from the Protoype PS3

    This is pretty much useless unless you have a PROTO PS3 but oh well


    -- This is a PS3 Update

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