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    Prince Valiant Guest

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    NN33NN Guest
    whats up with a 3.55 DEX (with peek and poke and used to install retail PKGs)?? Can a dex 3.55 run PS3 games higher than 3.60 (retail fw)?

    If not then whats the point in enable peek & poke and also set it to read retail pkg... When you can just flash it/convert it to retail Rebug 3.55.2 and run the same stuff....

    Well well why not do peek and poke on the Dex 4.20 and include retail pkg install or is that harder because of the firmware version? Just wondering, I'm not an expert...

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    technodon Guest
    you can remove the PS3 DEX to CEX Switcher PUP's (327.35MB) they are useless. it doesn't change the console eid. so its still dex but without dex features. if you goto update by internet you will see that the option is still greyed out and also system recovery shows your consoles minimum firmware version. and you cant install any other retail firmwares.

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    Apr 2005

    Increase the Number of Games in PS3Gen Guide

    Well, we keep everything for archival purposes even if most of the stuff is of little to no use, but THANKS for the feedback update technodon as I'm sure it will save others time and +Rep!

    Download: PS3_Generator_Tools-330.rar (5.67 MB)

    Also below is a brief guide on how to increase the number of games allowed in PS3Gen for DEX consoles by xerius (via eurasia.nu/modules.php?op=modload&name=Forums&file=viewtopic& topic=6672&forum=87) by default this is limited to 4 slots but with this hexedit you can have up to 255 games maximum.

    Note: Another way according to carldenning is to use PS3Gen v3.30 (above) and open the file called genelib.dll in a hex editor, search for the offset 5D979 and change the 04 to 50.. it will make 80 images when u format the hdd with PS3Gen.

    PS3Gen after formatting creates only 4 games.

    You can create up to 255 games (FF in hex)

    1. You will need a hex editor. I use Winhex. Run winhex. Open Tools-> Open Disc. Select the hard disk is formatted in PS3Gen.

    2. Go to Offset 2000B

    3. You will see this:

    4. Change the value of the byte at offset 2000B for the desired number of games and add bytes 05D3A0 and 0B as much as you need. An example. I did 5 games. Do not forget after change Winhex click Save.

    5. Here's what happened:

    Enjoy! From Russia with Love!

    Here is another guide from gledian as well:

    How to Bypass the 4 slots limit of PS3Gen & Edit the Size of Slot and HDD's Partition

    You will need:
    • HDD formatted with the "BD Emulator Format HDD" from the console (NOT PS3Gen);
    • A HEX editor that supports disk editing (for this guide a use WinHEX)

    How to edit the size of HDD

    If you do not want to dedicate an entire HDD to PS3 backup, with this guide you can edit the size of the ps3gen partition and have one that you will use with Ps3Gen and one that you can format in FAT32/NTFS or in another format of your choice to be used normally.


    1. Connect the HDD to your PC;
    2. Start a HEX edit of your choice;
    3. If you use WinHEX, from the menu bar select "Tools -> Open Disk Drives";
    4. Now open "Disk Management" ("Start -> Right click on Computer -> Manage", go to "Disk Management" in the left menu) and browse to your HDD.

    5. Now you have to select your HDD from the window of the "physical disk" , NOT logical units;

    NOTE: If you fail to select the HDD and change the wrong values could compromise your system, it would be your responsibility.

    6. Go to 'Offset "1CA", you can use the command ALT + G (with WinHEX);

    1 sector = 512 bytes
    Size my HDD = 500107862016 bytes
    500107862016 : 512 = 976773168 sectors
    Convert 976773168 into HEX = 3A386030
    Reversed bytes 3A|38|60|30 -> 30|60|38|3A Maximum size of partition 2TB

    7. Now using the above procedure we can choose the size that we want to give our PS3 partition.

    My HDD is 500GB and I want to dedicate the 300GB PS3, so I will do so:

    a. Size that I want to give to the partition = 300GB -> 322122547200 bytes
    b. Transform the bytes into sectors 322122547200 : 512 = 629145600 sectors
    c. Convert sectors into HEX 629145600 -> 25800000
    d. Reversed bytes 25|80|00|00 -> 00|00|80|25
    e. Finally, I replace it and save the changes.

    Bypass the 4 slot limit of Ps3gen, and edit the size of slots and HDD's partition

    NOTE: If you want to partition the slots so that they take up less space on the hard disk, you will have a newly formatted HDD from PS3 and if you want to partition it must do so before following this guide, why do it later may not allow proper backups.

    1. Follow the guide above until step 5.
    2. Go to 'Offset "2000B", you can use the command ALT + G (with WinHEX);

    3. To increase the number of slots you have to replace the number 04 with the number of slots that we want (I did not understand how it works because if I enter 20 I create 31 slot and not 20, not too bad ) and for each slot we have to add one 0B and its size in HEX.
    4. Now I will explain how to get the HEX to partition the slot of the size we want. Example:

    We want the first slot occupies 10gb:

    a. Convert gigabytes into bytes 10gb -> 10737418240 bytes
    b. We divide the bytes to 512 (bytes per sector) 10737418240 : 512 -> 20971520 sectors
    c. Convert the value obtained in HEX 20971520 -> 1400000 HEX
    d. 1400000 is divided in this way 01|40|00|00, we start from the right and divide every 2 digits, zeros are added at the end in order to always have 4 pairs.
    e. It replaces and save the changes.

    Here you have a screenshot of my HDD Slots partitioned. Slots are in order, the first at the top coincides with the 0 and so on.
    The other numbers occurring on the screenshot are automatically generated from PS3Gen.

    NOTE: Once you have partitioned the slot, if you edit the dimensions again, the games in the successive Slots not start.

    The guide is a bit long, but I hope I explained well enough for even the least practical of these changes. For any explanation do not hesitate to ask questions.

    Here is yet another guide from PatrickBatman:

    BDEMU Change Size of Partitions to Match Game Rather Than 46GB (default) DEX

    By default when you format your external drive to BDEMU on ps3 console it'll make 46GB sized partitions same goes with ps3gen BDEMU format utility except ps3gen will you give you 4 slots for games, problem is you can only have 4 and if your external isn't at least 184GB+ you can't use all partitions.

    For instance since I am using a 32GB sandisk thumb drive i would only get one partition each time, meaning only one game. Because each partition has to take up 46GB (Bluray dual layer basically) it doesnt take your drive size like mine 32GB and divide by 4 slots meaning I should have four 10.6GB slots but it doesnt work that way.

    So i found another way that works requires a hex editor. I'll use HxD for this tutorial or whatever you want to call it. I also used aldostools start_ps3gen.exe to have any # of slots I wanted up to 255 instead of just 1 or 4. (you can also edit the ps3gen dll to do this)


    1. Put start_ps3gen.exe in same folder as ps3gen (check both to run as admin)
    2. Open start_ps3gen.exe pick number of slots you want.
    3. ps3gen should start after you do this, pick command then BD Emulator HDD Utility... (May have to format BDEMU drive on ps3 first)
    4. pick your drive then pick Format HDD for BD emulator, say yes to all warnings.
    5. this should make the # of slots you picked in step 2 into images on disc.
    6. Now build a game in ps3 gen (find out how to do this yourself)
    7. at the end of building game where you the select output image format pops pick For BD Emulator (direct) and choose Image0
    8. Game will write to ext HD (takes about an hour for a 10gb game)


    (Since you'll be fooling with your hard drive in this section, make sure you fully understand this guide to do this, it works ive tested, i take no responsibility for possible damage)

    9. Open Hxd (or other hex editor) go to Extras, open disk and pick your external disk with ps3 game and uncheck read only

    10. Press ctl+g or pick search, Go to..., type in offset 20000

    11. If you're in the right place to the right of the hex you should be able to read BD-EMU-1

    12. At offset 20034 starts your first slot partition size 46GB hex 05D3A0

    13. to the right of hex 05D3A0 there are some zeros then more hex this is the ACTUAL size of the game you just put on there

    14. Open up calculator in windows, pick view, programmer take the ACTUAL SIZE OF GAME in hex and multiply by 4
    example: my Resident evil 6 was 513F40 (10.1GB) multiply by 4 is 144FD00

    15. Take this new hex value (ACTUAL GAME SIZE multiplied by 4 in hex value ex: 144FD00 for my RE6) and replace the 46GB hex number with it so 05D3A0 (46GB partition size) becomes ACTUAL GAME SIZE multiplied by 4 hex value (Example: 144FD00 hex value)

    16. As you may notice every other line there is pattern, each time you see 05D3A0 thats the next partition. Since I picked 3 slots I see this 05D3A0 3 times.

    17.Pick file, save in HxD close program.

    18. Add another game to Image1 (the next partition) via ps3gen and start from step 9, do this for each new game added

    Finally, below is a log from a PS3 DEX unit running hello (via nanoflow-cell.googlecode.com/hg-history/ps3-devkit-algorithm2/data/92-1275969833/run_5.log?r=ps3-devkit-algorithm2):

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    ps3hen Guest
    They don't have to change the eid. They are for DEX consoles, so the 'CEX Switcher FW' will be CEX 3.55 disguised as DEX, and the 'DEX Switcher FW' will be a DEX Firmware disguised as CEX. So they should be installable without causing a brick.

    There is no reason why it shouldn't let you install other CEX CFWs, once you install the switcher CFW because the FW will be expecting a CEX FW. I might be wrong, there may be more to it, but this is most likely what is happening here.

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    technodon Guest
    you are wrong, i tested all this. all it does is swap dev_flash for retail files and probably retail coreOS but it doesn't give you retail firmware. you might as well just stay on dex and have dex features, it just like rebug on cex which gives you dex features but none of the good stuff works cause the eid is still cex.

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    ps3hen Guest
    A swapped dev_flash? that's just lame, that's no switcher FW. Say technodon, do you think installing a CEX firmware would brick a DEX unit. If you disguised it as a DEX FW using a similar method MFWBuilder uses to disguise CEX as SEX for Kiosk to Retail conersions, it might work.

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    Blade86 Guest
    If you really want switching between CEX&DEX then you need 2 linux shell scripts for flashing, called from petitboot and both "dumps": flashCEX.bin & flashDEX.bin. You will get the illusion of triple-boot with that:

    1) linux (normal Linux boot)
    2) DEX (script 2 flash "flashDEX.bin")
    3) CEX (script 2 flash "flashCEX.bin")

    Of course you need 2 reinstall a FW for 3) & 2)

    Why do we need the downgrader PUP? I thought in dex you are always able to downgrade??

    Also, could someone explain the target manager to me?

    - Load and run executable files
    - TTY view
    - Fileserving provides the target with access to the host file system
    - Manages connections to multiple development hardware on your network allowing simultaneous debug sessions or sharing of development hardware
    - Color-coded display of printf streams
    - Target Manager SDK provides programmatic access to the functionality of Target Manager


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    COLIN76 Guest
    hi, i have a ps3 60 gig which plays all playstation games. is it worth converting to dex or stay on 3.55 cfw?

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    absarhegde Guest
    I have few questions, please anyone answer it, I have PS3 with 3.55 Kmeaw CFW, i never updated it, so if i update it to 4.20 ofw and then convert it to DEX, will i still be able to play the 3.6+ games ? and is my ps3 really CEX ? i don't have much idea about it.. and will i be able to downgrade to 3.55 again ?

    My friend has updated his ps3 from 4.0 ofw to 4.20 ofw, can this ps3 also be converted to DEX ?

    thanks, please it will be great if i get to know about these things. thank you

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