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    my philips 200 hz working 3d?

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    will flat screen monitors have 3D support or will it just work with 3D based telivisions, I have an Acer x203h 20' that i run my ps3 to through DVI.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romualdpsp View Post
    my philips 200 hz working 3d?
    Most likely Philips will release an upgrade kit if not only a firmware upgrade in order to enable 3D capabilities on her 8000 and 9000 series, if you have a 200hz and Philips this means you have a 9000 series that could, I'm saying "could" benefit of this (spoken) upgrade...

    @Loki Death: I don't think so... sorry...

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    LCD TV simply does not have high enough vertical reflesh rate to do 3D. My bet is you need at least a LED TV to enjoy 3D on PS3 when the firmware comes out.

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    Debug firmware 3.20 help

    Anyone know if the new debug firmware (FW3.20) disables other os support? Just a little curious before i try it.


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    Nope you can still install other os in 3.20, maybe your getting confused with the new retail fw 3.21 which releases 1st april which entirely removes other os support. sorry for language english isn't my first.

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    Thats great, thanks for all your help

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    I can also confirm debug/test 3.20 firmware does have other OS intact unlike retail 3.21 which removes Other OS support. You can upgrade if you have a debug unit. Let's say 3.20 removes other OS, you can always downgrade back to lower firmware up to 2.00 on debug unit. If you want to go lower than 2.00, you need the special 1.50 and 1.00 firmware for debug.

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    A couple of interesting links regarding the 3D support, seems like there is going to be a second firmware upgrade for 3D support in BR movies.

    Thing to know (Flash required);

    A bit more on the technology behind it;

    Sony Bravia 3D HDTVs;

    If 3D is cool, it looks like I might have to invest in a new TV.

    I just hope Sony focus on all gaming in these new models and still puts effort into getting the "input lag" in their "game modes" to a very minimum....

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    well i think the cheapest way to get 3D is:

    1) Buy NVIDIA 3D glasses (200-400$)
    2) Buy 24-29" SAMSUNG Screen with 120-200ghz (300-700$)

    and full amount is (700-1500$)
    and that's it! You got it!

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