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Thread: PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.00 and 3.01 Updates Arrive

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    PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.00 and 3.01 Updates Arrive

    It's been some time since our previous update, so while PS3 Debug owners await PS3 Test Firmware 3.30 to surface today we have added PlayStation 3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.00 and 3.01 updates to our PS3 Debug Firmware archive for collectors.

    Download: PS3 Debug Firmware v3.00 / PS3 Debug Firmware v3.01

    Below are the related changelogs, and as always if you have access to PS3 Debug Firmware updates that are not yet in our archive feel free to Contact Us!

    PS3 Debug Firmware 3.00 Changelog:

    [New Features]

    - Settings column -> Sound Settings -> Audio Multi-Output

    The [Audio Multi-Output] feature can be enabled or disabled by specifying [On] or [Off] in the [Audio Multi-Output] setting.

    When the [Audio Multi-Output] is enabled, the 2ch audio will be output to destinations other than the one selected by [Audio Output Settings].

    For example, when HDMI is selected as an audio output destination via [Audio Output Settings], then the 2ch audio will be multi-output to the optical digital and the AVMULTI. When a multi channel audio such as LPCM 5.1ch 48kHz or Dolby Digital / DTS is output to an audio output destination that is selected via [Audio Output Settings], the system software internally outputs downmixed to 2ch audio to those destinations other than the audio output destination selected via [Audio Output Settings].

    As a result, the Audio Multi-Output processing is automatically performed by the system software, thus the game application does not need to be aware of the ongoing Audio Multi-Output processing.

    By utilizing this feature, when multiple audio output devices(such as a TV or an AV amplifier) are connected to PlayStation(R)3, it will be possible to output audio from a desired audio output device without changing [Audio Output Settings] of the system software.

    Note that when [Audio Multi-Output] is disabled, audio is output only to the audio output destination selected via [Audio Output Settings].


    - It is not possible to output LPCM 7.1ch audio to HDMI. It is limited to 5.1ch audio at maximum.
    - When [Audio Output Settings] is updated, the setting of [Audio Multi-Output] will be reset to [Off].
    - The application obtains information of the audio output destination selected via [Audio Output Settings] using the audio setting utility API. Although [Audio Multi-Output] is enabled, the behavior of the API will be as defined, and only the information of the audio output destination selected via [Audio Output Settings] can be obtained.
    - PlayStation(R)Network column -> What's New
    - Video column -> PlayStation(R)Store
    - Game column -> PlayStation(R)Store

    When it is signed up to PlayStation(R)Network, it will be possible to access various information such as latest news, recently played game from these icons.

    - Network column -> Internet Browser -> Triangle button (Menu) -> File -> [Print This Screen] menu

    The print feature is now available from the Internet Browser.

    - Settings column -> Debug Settings -> Disc Auto-Start at System Startup

    Whether to enable/disable the disc automatic boot when the power is turned on can be selected from a menu item provided only on the development kit. However, when [System Settings] -> [Disc Auto-Start] is set to [Off], this setting will take precedence, so the disc is not automatically booted when the power is turned on.

    - A feature has been added to output a normal core file and generate a text file that contains minimum debug information (crash log file) at the same time.

    A large amount of information such as full register information and memory information at the time of crash will be recorded into the core file, but only the exception information that is output to the console (TTY) by Cell OS Lv-2 will be recorded into the crash log file.

    [Output destination] Same destination as the core file
    [File name] File name of the core file with the extension changed to ".log"

    [Specification Changes]

    - The graphics design of the icons and the backgrounds of the system software have been renewed.

    [Classic] setting has been added to the menu of "Settings Column -> Theme Settings" to return the design of the backgrounds and icons back to the old design.

    - The PLAYSTATION(R)3 logo is no longer displayed when the game is booted.

    - The design and the layout of the display area in the upper right of the system software has been changed.

    In addition to the clock and the information board that have been displayed, the following 4 information will be provided:

    - Display of new text chat rooms
    - Display of new messages
    - Number of online friends
    - Avatar icon

    - The disc automatic boot feature when the power is turned on with a disc inserted has been changed. Please be aware that the automatic boot feature will not work when the following conditions are met:

    - When [System Settings] -> [Disc Auto-Start] is set to [Off]
    - When [System Settings] -> [Display[What's New]] menu is se to [On], and it is already signed up or has become online at least once even if it is not signed up

    - The logo screen of when the power is turned on has been changed.

    PS3 Debug Firmware 3.01 Changelog:

    [Bug fixes]

    - The known bugs and limitations that are described in the following technotes have been fixed.

    - sceNpBasicRecvMessageAttachmentLoad() always uses debug file as data attachment (when application is booted from ProDG Target Manager or the debugger) (Technical Notes ID:200909-11

    - When "Dual Settings" Is Set, the Wireless Network and the Wired Network Cannot Be Used at the Same Time (Technical Notes ID:200909-10

    [imglink=|PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.00 and 3.01 Updates Arrive][/imglink]
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    shummyr Guest

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    Nice addition to the Debug Section.

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    blood911 Guest


    Maybe soon we will have a hybrid version of the newest Debug with FW 3.30

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    luisfg3 Guest
    Nice news! But i want debug 1.50, i have tools for trade!

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    itwong Guest
    That's awesome. Although 3.15 and 3.20 debug are already leaked, these are still good for collectors. Thanks for the update.

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    Starlight Guest
    Nice new indeed on this for those consoles.

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    proskopina Guest
    we happy to see also a cfw!!!

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