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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Debug Firmware v3.21 Arrives, Downgrade for OtherOS

    Today PS3 Debug Firmware version 3.21 has been added to our PS3 Debug Firmware Archive thanks to an anonymous nice guy, and although it removes OtherOS functionality (like the Retail counterpart did) PlayStation 3 Test unit owners can downgrade to restore OtherOS functionality!

    Download: PS3 Debug Firmware v3.21 (USA) Update

    For those who are new to PS3 Debug (DECH) machines or haven't been following our Site News as long, PS3 Test Special Downgrade PUPs were leaked from Sony which allow downgrading the PS3 to version 1.00 or 1.50 (depending on which is used) to restore OtherOS, and then the console can be updated to the PS3 Debug Firmware required to play PS3 game backups.

    Perhaps if Sony allowed Retail PS3 systems to downgrade like PS3 Debug/Test machines can there would be fewer lawsuits filed, eh? :p

    Finally, if anyone has access to SCE DevNet and can share update files with our community please Contact Us and you will be rewarded with a Premium Account, PayPal, etc. Thanks!

    Below is the official PS3 Debug Firmware v3.21 changelog:

    Changes in Release 321.001

    Menu of the System Software (GUI)
    - The following menu has been deleted.

    [Settings] -> [System Settings] -> [Install Other OS]

    [Known Bugs/Restrictions]

    Check menu in the Game column
    - Validation of a media or the file system itself cannot be performed from the Check menu in the Game column. When submitting a master disc, make sure to verify the disc that no error is present using the Disc Image Generator for PlayStation(R)3 or the Disc Image Checker for PlayStation(R)3.

    - When performing the check from the Check menu in the Game column, if the number of result files exceeds approximately 80 to 100 depending on each check item, the file entries of the root directory in the USB mass storage run out and the subsequent check result files may no longer be stored. In such case, move the check result files to another directory.

    - The system software of the debugging station can be now downgraded to 3.21. Using this update data, you can also downgrade the system software version 3.X0 or later to 3.21.

    Note: Please refer to "5 Updating Flash Memory -> Downgrading the Flash Memory" of the "Reference Tool Software Setup Guide" document for more details on downgrading the Flash memory.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    smarty94 Guest
    I remember you guys got Debug firmware to run on retail, but it was nonfunctional. What happened when (if) you tried the debug PUPs? Did they just error out?

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, basically they give this error: The data type is not supported. (8002F029)

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    thaforgottenone Guest
    Since you can't use these on retail, where can you get a "test unit"?

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    Apr 2005
    You can usually find a PS3 Debug/Test unit for sale in either the BST Section here or auction sites like Ebay list them at times too. They typically sell in the $700-1200 USD range.

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    thaforgottenone Guest
    Thanks for the quick answer, 700 is reasonable but 1200 is a lot, I guess I got to save up and look for one. Also i know this may seem like a dumb question but how do people get these units? Like does $0ny sell them, or can you apply as a work at home dev and get these units from $0ny.

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    humi Guest


    hmmm... i remember that a user used the hdd-swap method and got a retail-debug-hybride unit...

    theoretically we can use this option to downgrade retail units??


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    shummyr Guest


    Are the Downgrader PUP's leaked?

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by thaforgottenone View Post
    Also i know this may seem like a dumb question but how do people get these units?
    Sometimes software houses that go under sell them or even throw them out and someone "recovers" them from the trash, takes them home and keeps/sells them.

    You can apply for a Developer's License and obtain one "officially" through Sony as well, but the approval process is both lengthy and expensive.


    Quote Originally Posted by iAmTux View Post
    hmmm... i remember that a user used the hdd-swap method and got a retail-debug-hybride unit...

    theoretically we can use this option to downgrade retail units??

    Unfortunately using the HDD Swap Method to install Debug Firmware on a Retail PS3 leaves you with just a Retail console with Debug Menu options that don't function. Also, once you do it you are unable to play Blu-ray movies on your Retail PS3 so it's actually worse off in my opinion.

    If anyone wants to examine the process, below are links to some guides on it:


    Quote Originally Posted by shummyr View Post
    Are the Downgrader PUP's leaked?
    They were leaked from Sony long ago to Devs, but more recently the 1.5 Downgrade PUP was also leaked more publically... if memory serves me right, a user in the Debug Forum actually posted on it awhile back.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Would be very interesting to know if a hybrid retail/debug console could be used to apply the downgrade to 1.00 pup. Then it could ?possibly? be upgraded to a full debug firmware (any above 1.00!)

    Would be interesting to know if the hybrid could actually be repaired first though! (wouldn't want to loose any of my functionality - they's why i'm still on 3.10!)


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