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    PS3 Debug Firmware 2.42 Leaked, PS3 TEST Console for Sale!

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    Just about a week ago PS3 Debug Firmware 2.52 surfaced, and today a slightly older version 2.42 has also leaked to the Internet. Needless to say, if you are already on 2.52 Debug Firmware then 2.42 is only useful for collectors at this point.

    Download: PS3 Debug Firmware v2.42 / PS3 Debug Firmware v2.52

    For those curious, PS3 Debug Firmware 2.42 first surfaced on this French site, but was recently removed... special thanks to Doc, and of course karl.

    Finally, if you are seeking to buy a PS3 TEST/Debug console omegmatic posted a shiny new one for sale HERE today.

    A picture of it is below, and it includes the following:

    - 60 GB HDD
    - System software 2.30
    - Slots for SD and minSD, CompactFlash and Sony MemoryStick Pro
    - Four USB jacks
    - Comes with original SixAxis controller, but I will throw in a DualShock 3 instead for a little extra, either will work

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Keep up the good work guys !!

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    I didn't post it above, but for those interested here is the changelog:
    Changes in Release 242.001
    < SaveData Utility >
    - (B#56712)
    In SDK240 or later, it hung up when the completion dialog of
    the save/load from a list, that is displayed when using one of
    the following APIs, was closed. This problem has been fixed.

    cellSaveDataListSave2(), cellSaveDataListLoad2(),
    cellSaveDataUserListSave(), cellSaveDataUserListLoad()

    [Known Bugs/Restrictions]
    < Check menu in the Game column >
    - Validation of a media or the file system itself cannot be performed
    from the Check menu in the Game column.

    When submitting a master disc, make sure to verify the disc that no error
    is present using the Disc Image Generator for PLAYSTATION(R)3 or
    the Disc Image Checker for PLAYSTATION(R)3.

    - When performing the check from the Check menu in the Game column,
    if the number of result files exceeds approximately 80 to 100 depending
    on each check item, the file entries of the root directory in the USB
    mass storage run out and the subsequent check result files may no
    longer be stored.
    In such case, move the check result files to another directory.

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    It's great to see leaks close together (like 2.52 and 2.42), very nice looking test model, scratch free!

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    before the leak of 2.52, i was in 2.42 when a bought my debug

    now i have the file

    great !


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    Intresting mention of API files, which Beast is looking for in the recreation of the JIG Files.... maybe the missing files are just within Firmware and the leaker only "UPLOADED" the files that are not avaible from the net/firmware deligation!



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