Recently we have been expanding our content for PS3 Debug / PS3 Test console owners and have added a PS3 Debug/Test Consoles Forum along with a PS3 Debug PSN Links database (requires login from HERE).

That being said, today we have also added some more PS3 Debug Firmware updates for collectors to our archive as follows:

Download: PS3 Debug Firmware v1.70 (USA) Update / PS3 Debug Firmware v1.92 (USA) Update / PS3 Debug Firmware v2.53 (USA) Update

I couldn't find any interesting and related pics for this article, so below are a few screens from debugging Virtua Fighter 5/Full Auto 2 on the PS3 courtesy of Flickr.

Enjoy, and if anyone has more versions to share feel free to Contact Us.

Some relevant version changes include:

"Game" Column
- It has been changed so that PlayStation(R)/PlayStation(R)2 format software operates.
- Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2) feature has been added.

- The environment of SDK 192.001 has been supported.

- Numerous bug fixes only.

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