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Could one of you help a girl out?? I have a PS3 test unit and want to play New Vegas but need to update to 3.41, currently it's on 3.40... I really don't understand what it is I need to do to update it?

Could someone explain, bearing in mind I haven't really understood anything I've read about it so far! I thought I just had to download a file onto a usb and stick it into my ps3... Owe ya a million!
You are so lucky even with 3.40 debug firmware! Actually you need to find a PUP upgrader of debug fw 3.41. The last one leaked was only 3.21. So you have to wait until public release or lets find out this most wanted FW by yourself. Good luck!

Edit: I'm ready to test payloads on debug 3.41 firmware. I'll post when I get some results.