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    DarkGiovy Guest

    PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v2.0 to Fix PlayStation 3 EBOOTs for 3.55 CFW

    Inspired by the Resigner of PS3 homebrew and exploiting the new 4.31 Appldr Keys, I created DarkEboot Fixer v2.0 that will allow you to fix all PlayStation 3 EBOOT games requiring up to PS3 Firmware 4.31 to be able to start on 3.55 CFW.

    Download: PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v2.0 (Win32 - Updated) / PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v2.0 (Win64 - Updated) / PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v2.0 (Win32) / PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v2.0 (Win64)

    Tutorial from DarkGiovy.ForumCommunity.net:

    The tool is extremely easy to use, you can just put EBOOT.BIN of the game that you want fix, into the folder of tol and run DarkEbootFixer.exe. There are 10 options, you type 0 and click on ENTER, the tool convert EBOOT.BIN to EBOOT.ELF; Next type 1 and click ENTER, the tool fix the EBOOT.ELF and generate fixed EBOOT.BIN. Put the new EBOOT.BIN into the folder of game and Enjoy!

    Note: Some games may require the fix file .sprx - .self or .edat.

    The tool has a fix alternative method, press 2 after the press 0, the tool will sign the eboot (Try it if fix with option 2 doesn't work)

    Secondary options
    • Fix .self file: Insert file .self to fix into the folder of tool and press 3 NOTE: the file must be named file.self
    • Fix .sprx file: Insert file .sprx to fix into the folder of tool and press 4 NOTE: the file must be named file.sprx
    • Extract PKG: With this option, you can extract file from PKG file
    • Repack PKG: With this option you can rebuild PKG File, from folder named with ID of game (es. BLESXXXXX). In this folder must be present PARAM.SFO, ICON0.PNG and folder USRDIR)
    • EDIT Param: With this option you can edit param.sfo. NOTE: the file must be named "PARAM.SFO"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Hi DarkGiovy, I have prepared the post ready to be promoted to our main page news, but before we do would like some community feedback as I ran the .exe through an online scanner and got the following 2/44 results back (could be false positives due to packing, etc):


    Let me know your thoughts everyone- Thanks!

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    elser1 Guest
    i scanned with ms win sec essentials and passed fine. i haven't tried program yet. just thought i'd let you know boss.

    thanks for this program DarkGiovy

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Much appreciated elser1 and +Rep, I can't test it here as it's Win64 and I only have Win32 so it says it's not a valid Win32 application.

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    DarkGiovy Guest
    in a few minutes I post the Win 32 version

    Win32 Version: http://www.mediafire.com/?jlpiphvilw9fug9

    I can't test, but I think work

    If any antivirus reports it like virus, add it to the exception.

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    spyrog2670 Guest
    It wont decrypt sprx file. Just tried

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    DarkGiovy Guest
    You renamed the file SPRX in file.sprx before putting it in the folder of the tool?

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    The Win32 version is running nice. Thanks DarkGiovy and +rep.

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    spyrog2670 Guest
    Yes i did But it says cannot open file.sprx

    The sprx is from a 4.21 game

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    DarkGiovy Guest
    I adjusted the process of fix EBOOT.BIN, these are the new links:

    DarkEbootFixer v2.0 Win64 Version: Download
    DarkEbootFixer v2.0 Win32 Version: Download

    spyrog2670: Can you give me it in PM?

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