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  1. #81
    10urch Guest
    Thanks for the dark boot fixer, but I'm not sure exactly what to do, even after reading the tutorial on it! I'm just trying to get sports champions 2 working for 3.55 dex. I've been reading there is no fix, and heard it has an sdat.file also. So with dark boot fixer, not sure if I need to decrypt or what... PLEEEASE HELP!

  2. #82
    roenick371 Guest
    pls help. Is SELF resigner working properly? what about mentioned file size? thanks a lot

  3. #83
    drakulae Guest
    Thanks DarkGiovy!!

    Finally "Borderlands 2" on 3.55CFW!

    Wicked... Ty Once Again

  4. #84
    ddecoy Guest
    Hey drakulae you got a patched eboot for that? Darkeboot fixer isn't working for me. Thanks.

  5. #85
    rc4evr Guest
    Did you try BD-mirror and/or USB patch in your multiMAN options?

  6. #86
    ddecoy Guest
    Yup bdmirror and external checked. Still same issue

  7. #87
    scarface1689 Guest
    were you actually allowed to pick the game and play one or did it just boot

  8. #88
    ddecoy Guest
    Well I got in with no sound. I got to choose the hd version. It just went to a black screen.

    By the way drakulae I got borderlands 2 to work with the darkeboot fixer, so all is good there except for zone of enders.

    Also want to say thanks to DarkGiovy for darkeboot fixer. All the best.

  9. #89
    gonzalz9241 Guest
    thank you for tryin to fix zone of enders hd hope will and fix for 3.55

  10. #90
    scarface1689 Guest
    ya honestly i think zoe hd is going to be a hard one to fix unfortunately

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