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  1. #71
    roenick371 Guest
    I have problem with AC3 (czech version, not Assassins.Creed.III.PS3-DUPLEX)

    I sign EBOOT (also tried earlier with tool from TrueAncestor) and game starts but freeze in menu. It seems to me, that problem is with SELFs, "ac3mp_e_ps3_f.self" and "UplayBrowser.ppu.self". I have tried to resign them with your tool but no luck. Also I noticed, that they grew in size, are two or three times big than original files. Could it have something to do with compression? thanks!

  2. #72
    Danial Guest
    nice guys so now a reason to come back to 3.55 but which cfw 3.55 is better tell me pls 1-Rogero 3.55 v3.7 or rebug 3.55.3

  3. #73
    mschumacher69 Guest
    How about .sdat files? I would like to patch F1 2012 EUR version which contains a .sdat file. Thanks

  4. #74
    DarkGiovy Guest
    F1 2012 EUR sdat fixed file: Download

  5. #75
    jhonny82 Guest


    thanks but how the file is fixed? the tool used is? i want used for fix sdat file by me

  6. #76
    mschumacher69 Guest
    Thanks a lot DarkGiovy, I will try it now with the eboot that I fixed with your tool, but same question as jhonny82, how did you fix it? Can we do it ourselves with your tool?

  7. #77
    DarkGiovy Guest
    I took it from unSANE fix

  8. #78
    mschumacher69 Guest
    I just ran a hash check on the file and it's the exact file as the one from the unSANE patch for the USA version. Are u sure this works for the EUR version as well?

    Yeah sorry i just saw your post. But the unSANE fix is for the USA version, does it also work for the EUR version?


  9. #79
    jhonny82 Guest
    unSane fix is for USA ver not EUR-... work also with EUR ver?

  10. #80
    ddecoy Guest
    I tried using the dark eboot fixer for zone of the enders hd collection, the game works without audio though. Any ideas to get this game working with audio or a working eboot patch, would appreciate it. Thanks.

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