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    DarkGiovy Guest

    PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v5.0 to Fix PlayStation 3 EBOOTs for 3.55 CFW

    Following up on my previous revision, this weekend I have updated PS3 DarkEboot Fixer to v5.0 which is used to fix PlayStation 3 EBOOTs for 3.55 CFW.

    Download: PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v5.0 / PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v5.0 (Mirror) / PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v5.0 (Mirror #2)

    DarkEboot Fixer v5.0 Changelog:
    • Rewrote the system Fix option 2 now also supports the fix file .bin,.self e .SPRX also provides the tool by itself to recognize if the uploaded file is a NPDRM or APP fixarlo and as such, by automatically the Content ID
    • Enter Content-ID Utility, you can find out the content of a PKG ID or file self (.bin / .sprx / .self)
    • Fixed a bug in the script fix the fix for CFW Eboot NPDRM 4.XX
    • Revised script for fixare (.bin / .sprx / .self) with KLicensee

    United PKG-options:
    • Added option to create PKG for Debug console (DEX)
    • New extraction method PKG NPDRM
    • New option to automatically generate the file package.conf, you can now generate selecting a pkg file, or create it manually (When possible, I recommend you create starting from the original pkg)
    • Added option to resignare file (.bin / .sprx / .self) in NPDRM
    • Added option to sign PKG for Geohot CFW
    • Added option to remove the APP Version from PARAM.SFO

    • Added the ability to see the details of a file (.bin / .sprx / .self) and save them in a. Txt
    • Added options to decrypt and Encryptare file. SDAT

    In a few days I will insert a complete tutorial on my site: darkgiovy.forumcommunity.net

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  2. #132
    pinkone Guest
    Thanks, it just keeps getting better and better.

  3. #133
    joe11432 Guest

  4. #134
    Joker87 Guest
    This apps doesn't always work, i tried to fix F1 Race stars and it wouldn't fix it

  5. #135
    darkanima9 Guest
    Not working on win7 64bit

  6. #136
    DarkGiovy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by darkanima9 View Post
    Not working on win7 64bit
    Not working? I have windows 7 64 bit and it works
    What error it gives you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joker87 View Post
    This apps doesn't always work, i tried to fix F1 Race stars and it wouldn't fix it
    Test other option of fix

  7. #137
    Xplic1T Guest
    Tried this with a PSN eboot and it tells me it cannot decrypt the header.

  8. #138
    roockie112 Guest
    I tried fixing dynasty warrios 7 empires or in japanese called shin sangoku musou 6 empires it doesn't work it just says error and it gives me a code does anybody have this fix or can help plz

  9. #139
    DarkGiovy Guest
    Have you tested all option of fix?

  10. #140
    stingray1059 Guest
    it still cannot fix the sdat of nba 2k13.

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