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  1. #111
    roenick371 Guest
    thanks, will try!

  2. #112
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkGiovy View Post
    You can update the title of the thread?
    That is the one thing we can't do us update thread titles unfortunately, as it's linked to the Portal articles and elsewhere in the database.

    Site news updates contain the new version in their titles though.

  3. #113
    raptudo Guest
    I have try to put several games to work but any one work


    Any one have put any game to work?

  4. #114
    lucifer316 Guest
    this works awesome

    lego harry potter 2 as well as dragon ball z budokai hd both fixed rather easily for me

    unfortunately i could work out the lego harry potter 2 update but i havent actually fiddled too much at this point so we will see if i can figure something out for that

    if this is something i have missed i am certainly glad i found it thanks

  5. #115
    StanSmith Guest
    Can you get rid of that nag screen? Its still there and really annoying.

  6. #116
    lucifer316 Guest
    why are the fixed self files so much larger and is there something i should be doing to get them smaller or is this normal

  7. #117
    Varrasco Guest
    I tried to fix starhawk, it boots with with alternative method fix but after installing the data it gets blocked at loading screen... Did anyone get to do this work?

    BTW super star kartz work with alternative method fix

  8. #118
    roockie112 Guest
    Well I tried fixing hack//versus it didnt work at all lol

  9. #119
    flaviud Guest
    tried to fix angry birds trilogy blus version. didn't work

  10. #120
    onibox Guest
    Link dont work.. someone can reup plz?

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