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  1. #91
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Not really. The Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City was hard one to fix in weeks and finally it is being playable today. This will be one too. No worries. Very soon.

  2. #92
    scarface1689 Guest
    God i hope so this besides the dmc hd was the only hd remake that appealed to me lol plus even on ps2 these games were masterpieces

  3. #93
    freed Guest
    anyone try this tool to fix dead or alive 5 ??? i heard that game need fix for sdat file.

  4. #94
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    doesn't matter game freezes on 1st level with kasumi

  5. #95
    iavais Guest
    Can you upload that eboot? I can't even get mine to load let alone reach the first level.

  6. #96
    shery21 Guest
    how this thing work ?? can anyone tell me where can i select the eboot file?

  7. #97
    MateoGodlike Guest
    Still nothing for MAC

  8. #98
    iavais Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by babyjoe00069 View Post
    doesn't matter game freezes on 1st level with kasumi
    Can you upload the Eboot secondly are you on CFW 3.55 ? or 4.30 ?

  9. #99
    xragel2478 Guest
    lol get a pc they're cheap

  10. #100
    Ecina Guest
    I used your tool to fix the eboot for 3.55 and put that together with the .sdat you linked. The game starts, installs game data and then complains about not being able to install trophies and forces me to quit to xmb. No option to actually play the game

    Does anyone else get this?

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