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Thread: PS3 Custom Soundtracks on Games Using PS JailBreak

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    hirokitanaka Guest


    So my hunch was correct it is in the sfo! Now time to do some experimenting...

    Does anybody know where I can find this ps3sys.exe?
    Quote Originally Posted by hirokitanaka View Post
    So my hunch was correct it is in the sfo! Now time to do some experimenting...

    Does anybody know where I can find this ps3sys.exe?
    Hellcat's version of this doesn't seem to support the xmb soundtrack option

    I found the ps3 package tool 0.5 recently posted here has an sfo editor that lets you edit this, however, even after I checkmarked the xmb background music box in the sfo, in Fallout 3, it still says game does not support custom soundtracks when I try to launch 1 from the the xmb.

    I double check the sfo, and the changes I made held, and I did make changes to the 1 from the gamez dir not the game dir, and the remoteplay change worked fine, so im assuming perhaps this feature either does not truly work yet, or theres a little more to it, or perhaps it just wont work for every game... Further testing needs to be done. Any Ideas?

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    dragonsurfer Guest
    I have tested this idea on several games. In some games checking the xmb background music in the param.sfo does nothing. In some others(like gta4) it says "music cannot be played right now, it will start automatically after a while". It then puts a loading symbol by the song and starts the mini media player on top of the music section on XMB, however all options except stop are pretty much grayed out.

    Its almost like its still waiting for some sort of flag from the game to tell it when to start, I.E. in GTA4, its probably waiting for the start of the talked about but never released mp3 player in game. Perhaps some of the code is there for it so it partially triggers xmb music when you edit the bgm checkbox in sfo.

    Some results have shown me that not every game that supports custom soundtracks has this option checked in the sfo to begin with. I wish there were some trick or editor to enable custom soundtracks but It appears it wont be so easy since the flag must come from the software end. Ive tried editng the sfo for the backup manager and checking the xmb music box, and Ive tried making sure that the game inserted is one that already supports custom soundtracks but no joy.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Yea i think this is because everything you read (otions) are defined within a .xml file.

    If sony do not want us to be able to use a option the can block them and then you only will see this grayed out and you will not be able to select this option.

    Same happens for debug options but additional the also use flags and variabls placed in the sysreg.Even you can edit the sysconf there for you want to add flags for debug options you then will see debug options but you can not select because they are grayed out.

    But i'm already playing arround with the ps3īs fw and i'm think i have found some interesting things. I'm on the way to pack the whole thing and will release the first CFW-test within the next few hours.

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    iloveyou Guest
    I thought that too... and i some cases you can now edit some Games... take a look at fallout 3 and its ini file You can edit things and try them out. But custom music is the feature, i want... and mkv playing btw...

    I am waiting for your test cfw

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