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    Senior Member IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
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    Well, the 2 games i tested so far are black screen. Madden 11 & NCAA 11. Ran the lv2 patcher first then launched multiman. games mounted to app_home, launched to black screen.

    edit: Gaia Manager loaded madden 11 just fine.
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    I got a black screen then back to XMB with NFS HP also. Can I run the fix permissions pkg for wutang's CFW? saw ts signed from the other CFW. My games are trying to load from the GAMEZ folder. should it be something different?

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    i don't know that i'm doing something wrong or compatibility is not around 100%, but Fifa 11 frozen, F1 2010 and MGS 4 just did nothing (not blackscreen, i can quit, but no game).

    tried with OM and MultiMan also.

    any ideas? i've created the PUP myself, hash ok

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    Any body help me i can't find internal hdd backup games. Fix Permission don't working.

    I can't see internal hdd games on backup managers.

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    Wow this is incredible. But now there is like 4 different CFW's, it's ridiculous. They all seem to be the same though, is any one better than another?

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    i would recommend formating your ps3 hdd and starting all over again

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    Ok, I'm trying to make the multiMan themes work on 3.55, and saw this new CFW, anyone willing to test this...?

    edit: removed file due to no feedback...
    Last edited by condorstrike; 01-19-2011 at 03:45 AM

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    All have there good points, just depends on preference. the new cfw by kmeaw looks promising.

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    jb it's tough to say, were you previously on 3.55 then downgraded to 3.41 via the 3.55 downgrade method?

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    soo.. there's no longer any advantage to having firmware 3.41 with dongle? such a waste of money.


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