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  1. #71
    Jomomma76 Guest
    US Black Ops not working for me. Keeps sending me back to XMB. didn't work on Multiman, either. Same thing with disk in drive or not. Trying to copy NFS HP now. see if this works...

  2. #72
    FMAranda Guest
    Have you tried fix_permissions?


    I was having some black screen and this fixed the problem for me and many others.

  3. #73
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    kmeaw is safe for 256mb nands?

  4. #74
    tonybologna Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    kmeaw is safe for 256mb nands?
    I've not seen any reports of problems with bricking on kmeaw CFW.

  5. #75
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Yea im pretty sure its safe as well, just wanted a second opinion.

    just installed on CECHG01, worked just fine, no worries here!

  6. #76
    wilpac05 Guest
    ok, now I'm really
    will this kmeaw cfw have install app on xmb and as Indycoltsfan84 said is it safe for 256 nands

  7. #77
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    yes it has Install Package Files & app_home/PS3_GAME

  8. #78
    chomps268 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    Did you recently do the 3.55 downgrade?
    What do you mean? I'm on 3.55, and I just upgraded to it from 3.41.

  9. #79
    wilpac05 Guest
    thanks Indy, that answered my unasked question as the how I was going themes installed for multiman

  10. #80
    urcent Guest


    hey can you instal other cfw over waninkoko cfw? like Wutangrza or geohot cfw

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