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  1. #61
    doorman Guest
    Installed and working on CECHA01 Fat.

  2. #62
    pegasus19 Guest
    Thanks Tilla for your response, I guess I will give it a try

  3. #63
    Gendor23 Guest
    Used this method with CECH2001-B, no brick

    Unfortunately when I try to run Need For Speed Hot Pursuit with multiman, it goes to xmb but the game loaded is still the game that's in the drive.

  4. #64
    barrybarryk Guest
    did you run the pl3 pkg before running multiMAN (without rebooting between)?

  5. #65
    Gendor23 Guest
    I think I may be running the wrong lv2 package thing... I'll try the other one..

  6. #66
    chomps268 Guest
    Booted into recovery and tried to install wutang CFW after going from 3.41 - 3.55 OFW on CHECH-2001B (250gb slim)... I got this error:

    The data is corrupted.

  7. #67
    tilla Guest
    Have you followed all the steps? Did you install as a system update first, and then upgrade to GeoHot and the latest MultiMan release?

  8. #68
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Did you recently do the 3.55 downgrade?

  9. #69
    Jomomma76 Guest
    Worked fine on my launch 60gb CECHA! Downloaded Gaia Manager for 3.55.installed fine... Trying to back up COD Black Ops now, will post if it works!

  10. #70
    KoRnTuNeS Guest
    i can't see internal HDD games on backup managers! Please help!!

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