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    I have a 256mb Nand Phat PS3, thought I would give this a go. I was on Geohot's CFW, so carried out Modmate's instructions and it works fine. (Both OFW and Wutangrza CFW have to installed in recovery mode)

    I copied Wipeout HD and played that online, works fine. I tried Nail'd, no luck, but I don't think this was working through Multiman anyway.

    I had NFSHP installed on the XMB and that still works online.

    Thanks all for your efforts and not bricking my PS3.

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    Sep 2010
    in case anyone wanted to know i tried this on a CECHE01 fat ps3.

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    this is what i've been waiting for thanks

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    modmate excellent news! thanks for the how to. I've used my +rep for the day but I won't forget ya

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    Does anybody had a chance to test it on CECHA01 Fat Console?

    Since the Waninkoko release doesnt support this model, I was gonna give this one a try, I just don't want my console to be just a "paper weight".


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    Wondering if people concerned about the safety and possible other bugs of the other cfw can restore to 3.55 ofw and then use this one?

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    Where can I get geohot's CFW? I tried getting it from his site, but needless to say, it's down. Anyone have a working link?

    Also, is it possible/safe to connect to PSN with this?
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    Just played a bunch of Fist of the North Star via Multiman, the same version I had been playing on my E3 Card jailbreak before.

    Flawless victory Could message my friends on PSN and all that too. And no bricking best of all, since I have a Fat 80 GB with the backwards compat.

    pegasus19 This one doesn't really do much bricking, if any - Bensto was able to fix his but I'm not sure what his problem was to start.

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    Ok i used this on my fat ps3 cechg03 and it worked perfect.

    I went from 3.41>OFW 3.55>wutang>geohot>pkj.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chomps268 View Post
    Where can I get geohot's CFW? I tried getting it from his site, but needless to say, it's down. Anyone have a working link?
    All of the GeoHot CFW files are here:

    Some other links:


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