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    I had that same problem but I was trying to downgrade from a CFW to 3.41, I reinstalled the OFW 3.55 (recovery mode) and It worked beautifully. But it will downgrade you to 3.41 that is recognized as 3.56 and you will have to use the 3.50 downgrade files to get to OFW 3.41, hope that helps.

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    FFF13 and Uncharted 2 unlimited loading screen

    Hi, I'm going to make this short. I backed up ff13 and when I'm gonna start a new game it just stays on the now loading screen with the circle circling. On the uncharted2 it just stays on the loading rotating knife thing. I'm using wutangrza and multiman. Please Help.

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    Anybody get Mount_Alejandro Pkg to run on this CFW?

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    i have a 4.40 ofw can i downgrade it or i need a flasher?

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    If your ofw is higher than 3.55 you will always need a flasher (unless someone has a different method)

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