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  1. #401
    acelove Guest
    anyway to sign the pkg myself?

  2. #402
    modmate Guest
    Sure, use Cygwin and Geohot tool package_finalize on it. If that doesnt work you need to Unpack the package and unself , makeself the eboot.bin Then repack with psn_package... and use finalize at least on it.

    For ALL others regarding problems using the package_finale from Geohot. For more look here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...116836-34.html

    Greets Modmate

  3. #403
    acelove Guest
    Niceone - cheers mate

  4. #404
    modmate Guest

    PS3 CFW v1.0.8 r3 Patcher GUI 1.08 r3 is Now Released

    PS3 CFW v1.0.8.r3 Patcher GUI is a simple software that runs on Windows, allowing you to patch the Official Playstation 3 Firmware (OFW) to create the custom firmware (CFW). The application IS simple, since you fill in the various fields (OFW, the link patch, output name CFW). The application is simple, since you fill in the various fields requested (OFW, link the patch, output name CFW). The patch will be PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff named. The patch will be named PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff.

    1.0.8.r3 Change log:
    • Adding menus - Explore / Open menu
    • Added option in Settings: Automatically open a folder - Open the folder or file is located PUP changed once completed.
    • About: Information About
    • Correction: Tool tips
    • Fix: Error # 53 - Browse File / Folder
    • Correction: Error # 5 - I Think I'll Have to wait and see.


    1 - Select the folder bspatch
    2 - Select the folder content of 3.55 OFW
    3 - Select the folder where you want to create the CFW
    4 - Select the folder containing the patch to apply
    5 - Click on "Execute", the CFW will be generated at the selected location

  5. #405
    moditall Guest
    Has anyone had any luck running backups from an external HDD ? My 120GB Slim is basically full and I'm not even half way through my library.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shakedbs View Post
    has anyone confirmed this CFW works with "launch models" like my CECHE04 ?

    Please respond.
    I am running it on a CECHA01 Fat "Launch Model" 60GB with 4 USB so I would say yes this is confirmed.

  6. #406
    money15 Guest
    Games i tried to install on my internal on cfw 3.55 kmeaw:

    Batman AA: Worked
    Legends of Wrestlemania: Worked (can only use exhibition mode, Y?
    Uncharted: Cant get to install past 97% (possible disc issue?)
    Uncharted 2: Worked
    Dead Space: Worked

    thats all i tried so far... does anybody else have this trouble with wrestlemania, or uncharted?... also to use netflix now i have to delete and install the app every time i turn ps3 on, anybody know a fix for that?

  7. #407
    cudder Guest
    Hello everyone.. I got a strange problem and I've looked and read everywhere and STILL couldn't find and answer.

    I got a FAT 80GB PS3 running KMEAW 3.55 CFW with Gaia/MultiMAN/Rogero. (premission fix and lvl2 patcher).

    I got like 3-4 games on EXT HDD - NBA Jam (worked and now won't start), inFAMOUS (won't start), Saw 2 (bad data, please delete), LittleBigPlanet 2 (everything seems to work but the pod menu)..

    Now.. maybe the Saw 2 and inFAMOUS got bad EBOOT or something but the NBA Jam worked before.. I can't figure it out..

    Can anyone help me please?

  8. #408
    kjkool Guest
    fantastic! thanks for everyones hard work!

  9. #409
    Turboaccord Guest
    I am running Wutangrza's CFW and have tried and tried to install the Fix Premissions and it keeps giving me a dang error every time I install it. The problem I'm having is the black screen when loading a game so I was hoping that would fix it. The game is loaded on my internal hard drive!

  10. #410
    mschiltz Guest
    Did you ever get this fixed? I'm having the same problem and have tried just about everything, but can't get Fix Permissions to install. It stops at 15% and gives me an error code.

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