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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I haven't read all 35 pages so sorry if this has been answered, but is there a fix for the Bluray Disc playback yet? For those thinking "it reads BDs for me" I'm referring to BD movie discs, it reads games fine.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by OGroteKoning View Post
    I hope this okay... This is for those who patch their own PUP's. I stumbled upon this little app that integrates with windows explorer. It gives MD5, SHA1 and CRC32. It works a lot easier than the other MD5 hasher that floats around. And it is freeware
    Just wanted to share it!
    I use digestIT 2004... also integrates and freeware

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    wilpac05 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Cyrus View Post
    I haven't read all 35 pages so sorry if this has been answered, but is there a fix for the Bluray Disc playback yet? For those thinking "it reads BDs for me" I'm referring to BD movie discs, it reads games fine.
    are you referring to playback broken by downgrading? I don't think so but at least for me I found that running lv2 patch or any app that uses it then I lose blueray playback (give error 800299d2) until reboot.

    I think thats a minor problem that will be addressed eventually.

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    Alaa Guest
    Let me get this straight. If I create a patched PUP using kmeaw's patch (or just download the CFW 3.55 Wutangrza-kmeaw), I just flash it, and then run the lvl2.pkg, and that's it? I don't need to flash geohot's PUP? Nor do I have to run lvl2.pkg after every boot?

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    Stevolab Guest
    I took the plunge... updated from 3.41OFW to 3.55OFW to 3.55CFW (kmeaws) +multiman bm... had a few issues with some files not working but i needed to delete game data for some games... updated some without issues... haven't been able to test them all just yet or test psn... but everything else seems ok so far... will post any other issues.

    Props to all those involved...

    i just downloaded the ofw 3.55
    then downloaded the prepatched version of kmeaws 3.55cfw
    then downloaded multiman 1.13
    installed ofw3.55
    went to recovery mode installed prepatched 3.55cfw
    installed multiman

    done... son playing now no extra pkgs to install, running on cech-2001 slim120gb.


  6. #356
    Alaa Guest
    Ok, I'll be doing that soon . But what happens to the game data already on the internal HDD (backed up games) after I update to the OFW? Will they still work with MultiMan on CFW 3.55, or do I have to FTP in and delete the GAME (or GAMEZ) folder?

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    Stevolab Guest
    Once you install everything try some of your games.... the ones that give you errors about corrupted game data you can try to delete the game data file in you xmb game data utility folder.

    xmb>game folder> game data utility (it's at the top) delete the game data file in that folder and retry... it will reinstall the game data and you should be good. DON'T delete any folders or you will lose all games.

    I needed to delete star ocean game data to get it working.... as well as Cabella's game hunter... both working now.

    Update just signed into psn...!!! YAHH!!

  8. #358
    Alaa Guest
    Nice Thanks. I haven't been up to date about PSN though; is Sony issuing bans? Can they find out we've jailbroken the PS3 with the CFW when we sign in?

  9. #359
    Stevolab Guest
    banning, not that i've read... heard rumours... i'm only going on line when i first start my system not using bm before i go on as for playing online... not a big fan but i do like ps store... there is risk even if you are legitimately backing up owned games to prevent damage.

    i also like the idea of homebrew stuff but these games are expensive... to each their own...


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    chriswall20 Guest
    Hi, I have Launch CECHC03 FAT PS3 (256MB NAND) Can anyone tell me if there are any bricking issues with this CFW?

    If not can anyone tell me simply whether it is worth changing from 3.41 with PS3 Key to this CFW. i.e. what features will this give me that 3.41 and PS3 key can't (other than PSN access).

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