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    I got a few more questions before i even think about trying this. =P

    1. Does all games now work with this CFW?
    2. Can you update any game and have them working? Like Black Ops so you can play online?
    3. Did the fix PERMISSIONS install fix the random freezing on XMB like some was reporting?
    4. Can the 3.55 to 3.41 be done on any PS3 version =P

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    1. Not necessarily, some will, some won't
    2. Updates work
    3. Don't know what you mean by XMB freezing, never happened to me, but it makes the games work
    4. YES

    These questions were already answered many times

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    Using 3.55-kameaw and the lv2-v2.pkg I had already installed multiman and had successfully ran RDR from internal. I just updated to the latest BM 1.11.30 (i think) RDR still works but NFSHP does not. Its shows an update for the game is available upon boot but whether I update or or not, it just black screens anyone had any success with NFS?? or care to offer any suggestions for fixing this?

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    Really i don't see why people don't spend more time working with the jailbreak devices and just make a CFW off a USB device type deal so we do not need to touch our PS3 and kill off 3.41 and our devices we payed for =P

    I mean sure this signing stuff is fine for people that where stuck on 3.50/3.55 But now with the downgrade they can join us, Why should we join them just to get less games to work and a less stable PS3? I mean the only up side to this so far is getting on PSN, But soon that's going to be stopped. May it be by Bans or PSN updates.

    IDK i just don't get the reason behind all this CFW unless it Helps, Not makes things worse =(

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    yes nfshp works, all games that worked with a dongle work, stop asking!

    if yours isn't it's probably because you're using modified files (eboot.bin mainly) restore them to the original and it'll work. My nfshp works fine even updated and logged into psn. if thats not the problem try the permissions fix. but if your games aren't working either they dont work at all with jb (check compatibility list) or you're doing something wrong.

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    Is there a way to get this to let me install stuff i buy from the playstation store? I keep getting an error when i try to download anything.

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    I can play backed up originals, but can't play downloaded games. How I must put them to external hdd to play them, or what i'm doing wrong? Somebody can help? My game is in ext. GAMES/FUEL/ 80010017 error comes.

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    how can I get the update onto my usb device and then tell the 'game disc' to check the stick rather than online??

    sorry for my noobishness, it's just not my day today

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    Hello All, Is anyone else having problems installing:

    Does not install - FIX_PERMISSIONS_Wutangrza_Geohot_CFW_3.55-fw3.55.pkg

    Does not install - multiMAN ver 1.12.05 BASE [20110113_170000].pkg

    In Wutangrza / Geohot? Followed directions to a T.

    Any help appreciated.


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    CECHG04 is here anybody with this model and working BD and willing to share dev3 with me ? Maybe this way I will my BD issue.

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