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Thread: PS3 Custom Firmware LV1 / LV2 Peek and Poke by Wutangrza

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    austindriver13 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Coragin View Post
    1. The way this firmware is set up right now, is it possible to write you're own backup manager that will in fact work with this firmware as is?
    Yes, if you know how to code one, or edit for this matter, you can write it up and sign it with provided PC GUIs, all assuming you've followed the steps to enable peek/poke through Wutan's CFW.
    Quote Originally Posted by Coragin View Post
    2. What exactly does this with the Geohot patch add? Install package files? App Game?
    It only adds Install package files as of now but it does not allow the running of backups. What Wutangrza has done is created his own CFW with peek/poke allowed which, in turn, allows the backup managers to run.

    If you're going to install it however, it's suggested that you install GeoHotz's CFW first, then 'upgrade' to OFW3.55, go into recovery mode and upgrade to Wutangrza's, and finally upgrade via XMB back to Geohot's.

    Finally I'd like to add that I followed the process above on my 160gb Slim and it worked like a charm

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    modmate Guest
    There is no need to install Geohot cfw prior to OFW. If you want to install a CFW just make sure you are on OFW first. And also the recovery menue is just needed in very rare events. I did 3 PS3 so far direct from xmb , all consoles running Geohot CFW. I go back to OFW 3.55 and then to Waninkoko CFW. All runs fine.

    Greets Modmate

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    cdfigueroa83 Guest
    hey can you send me the the cfw cuz i'm having problems making the patch.

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    Please read before posting, the full (already patched) PS3 CFW PUP file is linked (and mirrored several times) in the first post.

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    cdfigueroa83 Guest
    oh so it's already patched i dont have to do anything to it besides have ofw 3.55 and then install that one over it.

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    cerberus03 Guest
    erm... noob question. how do i know this worked? i dled and installed the patched PUP to my PS3 but i don't see anything different from OFW. Installed gehot CFW over it but still not sure if it has the Wutagrza CFW behind it.

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    Brenza Guest
    Thx! But i'll wait sometimes before i test it. I wouldn't like it does like waninkoko's cfw.

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    UnXuthoriXeD Guest
    what are the to pkg files?

    PS3 LV1 Dumper PKG
    PS3 LV2 Protection Remove PKG

    do i use them after i update OFW/CFW/GEO or are these already in the compiled CFW?

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    hayman Guest
    does this support the fat old PS3 with 256MB ... ?

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    WwDesi Guest
    this works great on the old fat which have 256MB working great on my old 60gb, just waiting for a backup manager to come by.

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