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Thread: PS3 Custom Firmware LV1 / LV2 Peek and Poke by Wutangrza

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    misteha Guest
    When i back up original, then i get it work with another disc inside, but when i want to play downloaded game, then it wont work. Comes error 80010017. What did I make wrong? Also multiman asks every time parental control, why?

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    Demon Cleaner Guest
    I did it and it was working perfectly, booted FIFA 11 f.ex. One hour later now, I tried again, wanted to test some other games, but now even my FIFA is not booting anymore, gets stuck with a black screen immediately.

    The "fix permissions" also hangs up immediately, after running it, screen goes black, then I have to power off the console.

    Even the level 2 patch gets stuck sometimes. I'm using Rogero and MultiMan for 3.55, but apparently it doesn't want to work anymore. Tried with two games that were working well in JB.

    EDIT: Even originals won't boot anymore, just black screen. Tested with and without level 2 patch.

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    twuanev Guest
    Something is not right with this. when i go to backup manager or even multiman it wont let me switch drives anymore. some of my original games won't even read anymore.

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    Drev Guest
    anyone else getting a lot of freezing issues from internal games?

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    NSCXP2005 Guest
    Does this allow you to run PKG converted games as well? Is the KMEAW CFW the best out?



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    farenheit Guest
    The part i don't understand about kmeaws patch is that "apparently" it allows unsigned installs however there are reports that this is not the case.

    My understanding is that the eboot still has to be signed but the package doesn't (explains why previous packages don't work) where as with egohots you have to sign the package also.

    Is that pretty much it?

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    Chivafighter Guest


    For all those asking if this cfw works on their ps3. YES There have been no confirmed report of ps3's being bricked, and i have successfully done it 3 times to my ps3. i have a PS3 fat, with backwards capability 256 nand. I'm pretty sure it works on all fats and slims.

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    vnguyen972 Guest
    my usb dongle will collect dust from now on...

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    Demon Cleaner Guest
    Works fine now. All I did was running the fix file permissions again, and it didn't get stuck like I thought, no, it only takes a while to finish running, like 1 minute or so. I noticed it when trying again because my red light of the internal disk was flashing all the time, so I let it finish, and eventually it went back to the XMB.

    Now tested with 3D Dot Game Heroes, Fifa 11 and Vanquish, and they all boot fine, they do even their updates correctly.

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    walkes75 Guest
    OK, I've tried to upload 3.55 kmeaw but it says "The latest version of the system is already installed. The is no need to update."

    What did I miss...

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