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  1. #221
    condorstrike Guest
    you are correct sir, but since the new multiMan [runs/will run] on PL3 payload then permission fix is required.

  2. #222
    asianboi Guest
    Thanks for the quick response.. I've been following this thread from the start researching. I've got the old Phat 40gb PS3 so can't use Waninko's because of the risk of bricking, but I think i'll just hold off for a while.

    At the rate the developers are working I'm sure there will be something to suit my needs in no time. Credit to the devs, Keep up the good work.

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    Coragin Guest
    Well I took the plunge as well and install this after being on 3.41 with JB Minimus board. Here is what I can tell you all who are wondering if you should update to this. This is my "Impressive" list of features those of you still on 3.41 JB will LOVE!
    • No more having to turn off PS3 and turn if back on to boot to JB!
    • You do NOT have to unplug or turn off External HDD's when you boot. (Would cause 3.41 JB to fail boot, only if external was powered i.e. 3.5" AC powered External HDD)
    • ALL games that worked before, still work now! (See below for an explaination of why some dont work and how to fix!)
    • Blu Ray and movies work!
    • Online play and Playstation Store!
    • Most homebrew is working 100%
    • No more pressing Power then Eject to boot! Boots normally!

    Now that is a nice list, and nor more power>eject and turning system off and on (unplugging) after every boot.

    For those of you who have games that wont boot and did before.

    The reason this is happening, a lot of games for 3.41 JB had modified EBOOT's so the game would launch properly in JB mode.

    So what do you need to do?

    Download the latest OFFICIAL PATCH for the game and install it. Problem should be solved.

    You can find Official Patches through PSN tool if you know the game number code (BLESXXXXX).

    You can also look for patches for you're games here on this site...


    Getting Backup Managers Working Properly

    You will have to install a copy of the backup manager of you're choice that is in the list found here and re-install / install it over you're current one.

    And to not forget to run LV2 dis-abler EVERY TIME you run homebrew / Backup Manager!! Most errors and failed boots are due to users forgetting to do this.


    How I updated
    1. Download Official 3.55 FW and install it.
    2. Download and install 3.55 Wutangrza patched by Kmeaw (Through Recovery!!!)
    3. Make sure to run lvl2 disabler when you boot!

    I sincerely hope this helps some of you who are on the fence to further decide.

    My PS3 is a 20gb FAT model CECHB01

    I have tried a ton of games, the ones that didnt work, ended up working after installing official patch.

  4. #224
    stevienut Guest
    great tutorial, wanted to add i went from 3.41 to ofw 3.55 then to 3.55 Wutangrza patched by Kmeawe without recovery mode so i think its safe to update normaly unless you cant then use recovery mode.

  5. #225
    Elmo111 Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Superb comment, you easily convinced me to say goodbye to my Blackcat USB with 3.41 and update to 3.55

    This is just the comment i needed to convince me, thanks mate!

  6. #226
    iloveyou Guest
    Does it work on every FAT without Brick ? And can i go back to official fw 3.55 trough update function ? Thanks

  7. #227
    neophyte5001 Guest
    Hey fellas, I've read through this thread but still have no clear idea on whether or not anyone's been able to run backups off an external drive with this or the newer CFW that lets you skip geohots patch. Any info?

  8. #228
    heartagram62 Guest
    This is all good stuff but now people are taking it too far by hacking games like Call of Duty and ruining it for people who play for fun. I don't play it anymore because it gets real old after a couple of years but I use it as an example. Play your backups but leave other people to play properly!

  9. #229
    vnguyen972 Guest
    Yes you can with this latest CFW from Kmeaw... I just did it last night on my Slim version... so easy from 3.41

    1. boot PS3 in retail mode (no dongle attached)
    2. Go to system update and update FW from USB to update to offical 3.55
    3. After system reboot back in, go back to system update and do the same thing but this time, load Kmeaw CFW onto the USB stick and update from there.
    4. After system reboots again, go to Game menu and install pkg from USB, then install the lvl2 pkg --> that will create a lvl2 patcher program on your game menu
    5. Reinstall multiMan , then run that lvl2 patcher BEFORE running multiman
    6. it should see all your games on external and internal , and it can load them too...
    7. enjoy!

  10. #230
    gromit1973 Guest
    hi, anyone help just wanted to know if this will work on a fat ps3 40g model number CECHG03.


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