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Thread: PS3 Custom Firmware LV1 / LV2 Peek and Poke by Wutangrza

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    lewigie Guest
    Well this one seems safer..

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    Coragin Guest
    Okay, since I do not know nands, so much, but am what I consider fairly smart, I would like to know.

    1. The way this firmware is set up right now, is it possible to write you're own backup manager that will in fact work with this firmware as is?

    2. What exactly does this with the Geohot patch add? Install package files? App Game?

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    So all this firmware needs is a backup manager that uses syscall 6 & 7? is that correct? If this all it needs, just about anyone can modify the source of open manager for example to use this syscalls.

    edit: if memory serves me right, the latest open manager uses 4 syscalls, 1, 2, 35, 36

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    Jomomma76 Guest
    Works great on launch model phat 60!!!

    Got REALLY lucky this morning!

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    good to hear that it works on your launch model! anyone out there can confirm this working on model CECHG01?

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    Jes03 Guest
    So the difference is this doesn't brick consoles but it doesn't run backups? I'm one of the lucky ones and can run Wanikoko's CFW and it runs backups and homebrew just like a JB 3.41 but better as everything now works.

    Why would they even bother releasing a CFW without backup support? That's what everyone wants.

    It's like releasing a new car with no wheels. It's kinda missing the point of a CFW.

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    calvinguy Guest
    It doesn't run backups YET, we'll probably backup managers working with this CFW very soon.

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    tilla Guest
    It has the Poke/Peek functions and so it will be able to run Backups probably within the next day. Otherwise there's not much feature difference between the two, except this one hasn't bricked anyone that I have heard of.

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    ps3haze Guest
    Well it is not about what everyone wants it is about what can be done today... Wutangrza released this as a WIP and to show how what can be done. Now someone else will step up to the plate, change it, make it their own and add a feature.

    There is a trickle down effect in hacking. Those that really know only share a little, then the next level of devs pickup those scraps, put it together, and then release it to the public. Usually there is about 2 or 3 levels of hackers above what the public see... but I'm real fresh to the PS3 things just seem to work the same as other circles I've been in. But I'm used to the top not the bottom

    I really curious if we can't just patch Geohotz 3.55 firmware with bspatch to the OFW or even this CFW then we have only one flash to preform.

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    OGroteKoning Guest

    Big Grin

    AT ps3haze I agree with what you are saying, but unfotunately I must correct you. I think you have it wrong - this is not $ony or their dev's or their website - here it IS about what everyone wants!

    But first things first as you rightly stated!

    PS: Welcome the the PS3 scene!

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