To begin this week's PS3 Dev briefing, we want to give a follow-up in regards to the PS3 Downgrade PUP's for PS3 TEST/Debug consoles we recently acquired.

Yes, it does work fine, and we have successfully downgraded a PS3 Test to version 1.00! Version 1.00 is quite neutered for a TEST, about the only thing that works is the ability to run code from a DVD/BD, aside from that just about everything is non-functional.

More to come in those regards, including our ability to install and dump Retail PKG's on a Debug PS3 console!

Now onto the rumors: As we all know, many have been trying (but failing terribly) to dump the EEPROM chip inside the PS3's controller.

Our very own talented Courier successfully removed and dumped the chip, a picture of part of the dump is below and it weighs in at only 512 bytes. The theory is that the controller, after the EEPROM is FF'd, would function like the Jig Battery on a PSP. Although we are going to test this for thoroughness, the general consensus among PS3 Devs is doubtful at best.

Simply put, the PSP was limited in what could be plugged into where: it was UMD, MS, and Battery. MS was used with the files needed, and the battery kicked the PSP into loading off MS, etc.. we all know the story.

Now when it comes to PS3, aside from a Hardware Jig (known as PinJig) to fix the really bad problems, such as a console that wont even start, someone tampering with the NAND's etc, there is also the USBJig. The USBJig works similiar to the Jig Battery, but as the name implies over USB.

Now this isn't rocket science, but with the availability of a USB port, there are countless more complex options on how to trigger Service Mode in a PS3. Since the console is so secure, we highly doubt that FF'ing a simple EEPROM is the trigger.

It is likely some special flags put into a USB device that the PS3 knows the resulting value of (some sort of hash match), at least enough to ensure that it is legitimate, in turn to boot the special files off a USB flash device.

And after that, the PS3 is only in Service Mode! It then needs to be reflashed with yet again special software (which is unavailable outside of SCE), and brought back up from bootloader to full OS, which uses a PC over Ethernet.

In summary, just throwing out wild speculation is fun to do, but the PS3's Service Mode is most likely quite complex to access... if it's not, we will ALL be very surprised!

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