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    Question PS3 Cluster

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    Sorry if this sounds too stupid or if this has already been mentioned before, but I never read something similar.

    Why don't the DEVs create a PS3 cluster to decrypt PS3 System data or maybe the Blu-Ray drive firmware?

    It may sound stupid at first, but with all these news around the processing power on the PS3 clusters, I thought: why not give Sony a little bit of her own poison? lol

    I'd be willing to leave my PS3 on 24/7 to contribute on such a project.

    Well, these were just my two cents.


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    Do a search for "PS3 KeyVault" and you will see numerous threads from 2007 on it. In short, the avenue was researched by the leading PS3 Devs and it ended up being deemed as not worthy of pursuing.

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    Adding rough numbers to it: breaking the keys on common HW (i.e. PCs) would take thousands of years, using optimized SW on PS3 would take one order from it and you'd end up with hundreds of years... Still wanna try? This is why we all rely on cryptography and believe that it is secure...


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