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    Senior Member DMagic1's Avatar
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    Nice, the list has grown a good bit. I'll have to try it out now.

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    This needs Demon's Souls added. If a cheat was ever needed so badly, it's for that impossible game. Would be nice to be able to make it past the 1ST LEVEL lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dekaspace View Post
    Does this only work on NTSC games? I want to play Eternal Sonata again and hate grinding in rpgs so will save some time.

    Plus want to speed up completing Tekken 6 (not for achivements though thats a bonus, so I can unlock everything)

    I am in UK so almost all my games are PAL.
    Just check the codemasters web page but most of the codes seems to be "universal" / for all regions unless specifically stated in the code selection (like NTSC / JAP)

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    Download link is down. Thanks

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    I have updated the first post with revision 1.2 which includes a working link, for how long only time will tell so grab it while ya can.

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    If needed here is a mirror: http://www.multiupload.com/AUY1NNNNL0
    Last edited by DMagic1; 04-18-2011 at 02:19 AM

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    Nice, im keen to play around with this...

    I've already finished most the games I have, so only want to play around with the cheats rather then use them to finish it...

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    Interesting one. There are also some PKG's of the game out, which enable the setting directly on your EBOOT.BIN which is on your PS3. I think the guys from ps3usercheat.com are really mad about this.

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    RE5 worked perfectly, nice to cheat for once been through game many times but lost game saves due to either 360 crashing or ps3 needing a format (backing up RE5 game save never seemed to work) Killzone 2 didn't work unfortunately will test more games.


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